There are a few repeat offenders who I mention throughout my posts that I decided deserved a little more recognition and explanation. ^_^

Vincent Valentine aka “Vinni”


My little boy is the smartest cat I’ve ever met. He taught himself to play fetch (and makes me play it with him often) and whenever I make a big mess in the kitchen he is the first one there to give me that “What are you doing? o.O” look. Vincent’s favorite person in the world is Chase but I don’t let that bug me because I know that he still needs his mama no matter what. ❤

Fact: When he wants me to wake up in the morning he just continuously walks his 13 lbs across my throat and steps on my boobs with his pointy feet. Like I said, he’s one smart cookie.

Ophelia Theodora Wakinto Fizz Stubbs aka “Ophie”

Summer Solstice 012

The baby! Ophelia will probably never ever grow up and I’m one mother who is okay with that. She constantly follows me around the house talking and trying to trip me up. Ophie loves to watch children’s movies. Her favorites being any Alvin and the Chipmunks films (yes even the new ones). Her favorite things to do are sleep against the heater, having her belly scratched, and looking like a princess in her sweaters. It’s too cold for her daintiness!

Fact: Ophelia may have been weaned too early. At night she attempts to suck on her mother’s ear lobes or even her nipples if she can get at them!



Little miss Boo-Boo is my giant Russian Bear Hamster. She’s the biggest hamster I have ever seen and is extremely calm. She will hold perfectly still when you hold her in your hand. In my history with hamsters this seems amazing! Boo-Boo loves to roll back on her big butt, feet flailing in the air, and much on fresh veggies. Her favorite food: carrots; least favorite: raisins.

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