Lots More Eating Out

Well I made it back safely to the Seattle area and now I’m just non-stop working and trying to prepare for school on Monday. Oh, and I’m still sick. -_- Let me catch you all up.


photo 1-47

I woke up to this beautiful bug stretched across my entire body. I’m sure going to miss her. I’m glad she’s doing so well though. Tammy, on the other hand, is being put down this coming Monday. =(

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Ravenous Cold

So Win and I have both noticed that we are extremely hungry here in Montana. Seriously, is it the cold or just the change in the types of foods we’ve been eating?


Yesterday I had donuts for breakfast one last time. Cinnamon and sugar cake donut, and a nub of the maple bar that was left along with coffee. Totally not what I wanted, but I have no breakfast foods here! As soon as I vowed to hit up the grocery store, a huge box of fresh fruit came as a gift. Well that’s something I can work with…

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‘Twas the Day Before Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m realizing that the problem with being used to getting up at 3am is that when I can finally sleep in 8am is as good as it gets. >.< My poor sister is gonna get tired of my early birdness fast me thinks. We are sharing a bed!

 photo 2 (3)

Anyway, yesterday morning was the same thing. I was up at 8 and back home with my Dad by 10am. We stopped at Treasure State Donuts though to grab a dozen and say happy holidays to my good friend, Steph! It’s always nice to see her. =)

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