Getting Back to Me

Well folks, Chase and I broke up for the final time. Yeah it’s been a hard few months and I finally just couldn’t take it any longer. (No I don’t want to talk about it so I’m basically going to leave those parts out of my blogs.)  I really want to get back to myself though and part of that self is writing this blog and sharing with you all my passion for intuitive eating and nutrition. I hope you’re all still around to listen!


This morning I was up around 5am, hungry. I toasted two slices of whole wheat bread and slathered one with cashew butter and pumpkin butter, and the other with Costco’s new natural crunchy peanut butter and white raspberry jam. All with a big mug of 2% milk. Now that it’ll be just me I’m totally switching to 1%.

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Like I mentioned, yesterday started off strangely with a phone call from my manager saying she didn’t have her keys to get into the building anymore. While I waited for her to let me know it was okay to come into work I ate half an orange to jump start my metabolism at 4 am. 

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Celebrating 6 Years

Yesterday should have felt extremely long, but it was actually a really great day. =) photo 2-2

It kicked off bright and early with a quick (didn’t give myself enough time) breakfast at work. Spinach Feta Wrap (which are freaking delicious, but tell them to cook it on a 2 setting so they aren’t soggy) and a tall iced Americano with one pump Pumpkin Spice and a splash of half and half. From now on I’m going to be linking the foods I eat at Starbucks so you all can check out the nutritional info easily, to see if it’s something you’d like to try. ^.~ I warn you though that I may be trying some foods that I wouldn’t normally touch if I saw the calorie info on them!! So at least now you’ll have an idea.  

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