It was so nice to wake up in my own bed yesterday surrounded by my fluffy babies! I’m lucky, this time they decided not to hold a grudge and just love me. ^_^


Unfortunately our fridge is pretty bare so breakfast was pretty bleh. Kirkland Nonfat Greek Yogurt, crunchy peanut butter, golden raspberry jam (from the Missoula Farmer’s Market) and raw oats. Later I added some dried cherries for texture. Honestly, I didn’t eat it all. =/ It just wasn’t very good.

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Full Circle

Oh my goodness have these last few days been a whirlwind. I'm so sorry I left you all hanging. =( Believe it or not I tried everything I could to blog but it was just not in my stars.

  • We won't have internet until Monday (hopefully) since our modem is so old the serial number is unreadable and therefore cannot be activated.
  • I diligently took photos of all my food and a lot of cute ones of the babies in all the boxes and unpacking…but my camera ate them. Seriously. They are just gone and I have no idea why. Don't get me started…I'm really ticked.
  • I took only a few with my phone so I'll show you them here.
  • The first night in the new place went a little awfully. I got about 3 hours a sleep due to Vinni screaming his head off all night long. Finally at 4am I had to get out of bed and go be with him in the living room. Eventually we (Ophie, Vinni, and I) all fell asleep crammed between boxes on the floor.
  • I haven't been eating that great amid the chaos that is moving (pizza, cupcakes, espresso, snacks, ect) so perhaps it's best that the evidence is lost! Now is the time to start a new and clean up my eating!! Who's with me!?

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Purple Carrot


For some reason I got up around 7am this morning! I blame the family of ducks that I swear were holding a meeting right outside my window. I’ve never heard so many ducks!!

Breakfast was an interesting smoothie consisting of: milk, Greek yogurt, purple carrot, cantaloupe, and coconut oil. It was refreshing…just not exactly enjoyable. Make sense? ~.^ I also had three graham crackers with crunchy peanut butter for more texture.

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Boxing Up

Hey all! I need to make this post semi-quick because Chase and I are packing away! That’s right, he finally let us go buy some U-Haul boxes instead of waiting for boxes from Waylon (as he slowly unpacks his new house) or seeing what few boxes the liquor store has each day!


I slept in until 10am and then made a not so great smoothie. I’m out of lettuce or spinach so I used kale as my greens. Bleh. Kale is just too potent for smoothies in my opinion. It’s al I could taste. The milk, Greek yogurt, frozen pineapple, banana, and coconut oil were no where to be found on my taste buds. I was also hungrier than normal so I ate half of a Costco poppy seed muffin.

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