Well the world just keeps on turning. Thank you all so much for your kind comments and emails. They really mean a lot to me. Sometimes you just need unconditional support in the decisions you make. ❤


Ok so yesterday I was up early (forgot to feed the babies dinner last night..) and headed off for an early morning 60 minute lap swim. It was a really great one, especially since the guy in the lane next to me was a retired swim coach so he totally gave me pointers on my breaststroke! Mom, we’ve been doing it very outdated. ~.^ I’m excited to perfect it more.

After the swim I got back home and made a breakfast of cashew butter and pumpkin butter toast with the last of the milk. Not very original I know. You’ll find my original food brain is absent. =/

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Celebrating 6 Years

Yesterday should have felt extremely long, but it was actually a really great day. =) photo 2-2

It kicked off bright and early with a quick (didn’t give myself enough time) breakfast at work. Spinach Feta Wrap (which are freaking delicious, but tell them to cook it on a 2 setting so they aren’t soggy) and a tall iced Americano with one pump Pumpkin Spice and a splash of half and half. From now on I’m going to be linking the foods I eat at Starbucks so you all can check out the nutritional info easily, to see if it’s something you’d like to try. ^.~ I warn you though that I may be trying some foods that I wouldn’t normally touch if I saw the calorie info on them!! So at least now you’ll have an idea.  

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Goodbye to a Favorite

Alright folks, it’s your last chance to enter my Huckleberry Jam Giveaway! Only entries up to 9pm MST will be accepted and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning.


So yesterday morning was rough. Due to the late dinner party, I was absolutely exhausted when my swim alarm went off at 6am. I got up and started to get ready when I realized I was being absolutely crazy. I got back in bed, reset my alarm, and managed to crash again. However, my second alarm was set wrong and didn’t go off so my dash to get to work was a rush!

Always time for breakfast though. ~.^ Bowl of the last Optimum slim with Blueberry almonds and dried blueberries. Ok I am pretty sure I am cereal-ed out for awhile now.

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PMS Funk

Man yesterday was bad. Worse than Monday, and that’s saying a lot. It started with me waking up in the middle of the night due to abdominal pain. Nothing serious, just that time of the month. Eventually when  my swim alarm went off I knew I wouldn’t be able to swim in the condition I was in, so I tried to get more sleep. Nope. Too much pain. So I got up and headed to Dave’s (where my makeup is!) to get ready for the day.


Breakfast that I knew I needed but didn’t really want: Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal with NatureBox Blueberry Almonds and dried blueberries.

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A Sunday in Bed

So I’m not going to have much time to write tomorrow morning (office donut run followed by interviews), so I figured I’d just get you all caught up on my life tonight. ^_^ Hope you don’t mind.

This morning I was up super early (5:25am) to get my dad to the airport. He’s off back to California for my cousin’s wedding! Clearly, I was needed here so I sent him off with orders to take pictures of (at least) the bride (my cousin, Diana!) and the cake. ~.^


When I got back home I climbed back into bed until 8:30 am when I woke up ready for breakfast. It was rainy and cold out so I felt like a hot breakfast of toasted sesame seed bagel with peanut butter and two kinds of jam, raspberry freezer jam and local peach jam. All washed down with a big mug of 1% milk.

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Titanic > Food

I love that my swim just gets easier to do! Not that it’s becoming less of a workout, but my sore muscles are feeling stronger and the time passes quicker. 60 minute lap swim first thing this morning. My favorite way to start the day.


Once I got back home around 8:45am, I made a quick breakfast of Kirkland nonfat Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries, dried blueberries, and a drizzle of natural peanut butter. Sadly, I grabbed the wrong peanut butter at Costco so this one is creamy, not chunky. >.<

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