Getting Back to Me

Well folks, Chase and I broke up for the final time. Yeah it’s been a hard few months and I finally just couldn’t take it any longer. (No I don’t want to talk about it so I’m basically going to leave those parts out of my blogs.)  I really want to get back to myself though and part of that self is writing this blog and sharing with you all my passion for intuitive eating and nutrition. I hope you’re all still around to listen!


This morning I was up around 5am, hungry. I toasted two slices of whole wheat bread and slathered one with cashew butter and pumpkin butter, and the other with Costco’s new natural crunchy peanut butter and white raspberry jam. All with a big mug of 2% milk. Now that it’ll be just me I’m totally switching to 1%.

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I’m a Go-Getter

My goodness I was damn productive yesterday! It felt so good to not just sit around and waste my day away.


It started with a PB&J&Banana wrap with a mug of milk. It was really odd but it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted for breakfast. Normally that’s my favorite meal of the day and there’s so many things I’d like that it’s hard to choose, but yesterday nothing sounded good. =(

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Day at Home


Yesterday started off pretty late with a batch of Kodiak Cakes turned into Hello Kitty waffles! I topped mine with a little butter, maple syrup, toasted walnuts, and dried tart cherries. Ok waffles are definitely not my favorite thing since I like things thin. Chase loved them though and ate two whole batches! Yay for getting my man to eat whole grains!

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