Beating Lady Days

Evening everyone. ^_^ This morning started off rough. I awoke from a horrible dream where I’d been abducted by Russians! It was pretty horrifying and I almost started crying when my sister (or lack thereof) came into the dream but luckily I woke up. Yikes! I felt drained the whole day, maybe due to this dream!


Breakfast started off with some good ol’ PB and various jams on toast with a glass of milk. Homemade huckleberry and pumpkin butter! Nom nom. I really wanted a green smoothie but sadly I let myself run out of greens!! Don’t worry I remedied that at the store today.

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Pacific Soup Giveaway!!

Well my appetite is coming back. I’m taking that as a good sign that I am seriously getting better. I had a lot less of a cough today and blew my nose less. BUT I now have a lot of head pain and pressure. Whatever I can’t win.


My green smoothie this morning was exceptionally good though. I replaced the cup of milk with a cup of Evolution Apple Carrot juice and boy did it make this smoothie pop! Blended with nonfat vanilla yogurt, spinach, frozen banana, and fish oil. Yum-o.

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No Power!

Man I’m waiting for the day my post starts with: I am no longer sick!! I can’t believe how long this cold is hanging on. I’ve gone through way too much cold medicine, with no solid results.


This morning my body didn’t feel like a green smoothie but some hearty Weetabix mixed with an orange slice, apples, and raisins, plus a drizzle of sunflower seed butter. Mm I’ve missed this.

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New Quarter

Since I had my giant breakfast of French toast the night before, I was not ready for breakfast come Monday morning. That’s okay. Eating intuitively is about listening to when your body is hungry, and boy mine was not!


It did get a little growly during my first class of this quarter though, about 11am. To appease it I slipped into my lunch for a baggie of trail mix.

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Bleh. I’m feeling really sick tonight so I’m gonna make this a quick one.

photo 1-48

My breakfast at work was the last of my sweet potato frittata, fresh fruit, and a tall iced orange refresher with black tea instead of water. Before this I’d drank an unpictured double short ristretto Americano with one pump Flan (**new Starbucks drink coming soon!) and a splash of breve. I actually really like the Flan syrup because it is very subtle.

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Mug of Medicine

So my first day back in school went okay.


Woke up still pretty darn sick though so I kept breakfast simple and just had a bowl of Stonyfield’s Low Fat French Vanilla yogurt. Slid right down my aching throat with ease.

On my way to school I stopped at the open pharmacy and looked for the medicine that works for me, Theraflu. Sadly I found out there is a shortage of the stuff since they had to shut down some of their factories, but I found the last box of off-brand! Even though it was for “nighttime” I sipped it down during my first class, Medical Nutrition Therapy.

The teacher in this class seems awesome and I’m actually pretty interested in the subject.

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