Wordless Heavy

Gonna do a wordless for Thursday. It was a really heavy day emotionally and I’d like to take more time to talk about it than I have right now. However, today is the last day of classes!!! Just finals next week then two weeks of Spring Break!


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On the Up and Up

Good news, everyone! I think I am actually getting better! I didn’t have to take any medicine today, I blew my nose only a handful of times, didn’t cough up anything, and never had a coughing fit! I also never felt like I had a fever!! Heart Health here I come!


This morning started off with another zingy green smoothie: Evolution carrot apple juice, fresh spinach, frozen banana, low fat vanilla yogurt, and fish oil. I’m sure this same breakfast is getting boring to all of you, but I gotta use up that juice before it goes bad!

Now that I’m recovering though my hunger levels are increasing so I also had two graham cracker and peanut butter sandwiches.

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