Man when I get behind, I get behind!

First off, I wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and thoughts my way. =) I really am doing okay. I think the turning point for me is acknowledging to myself I’m not okay so I can work on making myself okay. Such as getting out of conversations I’m uncomfortable such as talking about dieting, and really trying to focus on just getting through my school work so I can graduate.


Monday’s breakfast was a delicious yogurt bowl of texture. Starbucks Greek honey parfait with a ripe plum and dry almond butter. You know when all the dry parts are stuck to the bottom of the jar? That’s where I’m at right now and I refuse to waste any of it!

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Bagels, Jam, and Pickles

I had a productive day today.


It started with me waking before my 7am alarm, in order to eat a breakfast of half a blueberry bagel with peanut butter and homemade huckleberry jam along with a glass of milk, and then heading to the Missoula Farmer’s Market with my dad! We had a great time browsing all the beautiful produce and sipping on cappuccinos. We bought some goodies, but didn’t go over the top.

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