Letting Go of Dreams

Hi hi everyone. I gotta admit, yesterday turned into a rough day. Do I say this too often?


Started out great with a bowl of Chobani Blackberry Greek yogurt with raw oats, chia seeds, drippy almond butter, banana, and dried cranberries. It was nice to sit down at the table, read the news (lawl I call Facebook the news ~.^), and eat my breakfast.

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You can always tell when I’m struggling by my inability to stay up with posts. =/ I’m so very sorry guys. I’m really trying but I just can’t keep up the strength. Let me try and remember yesterday and power through to today.


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Since I’m done with the quarter (yay) I worked on a Thursday. It was strange since I didn’t open (4am) but instead had the second shift (6am). This oddly enough made me feel more tired the entire day! I arrived to work early so I could sip down a double tall soy vanilla latte. It was super delicious. I’m really enjoying the flavor and creaminess of soy milk, however, I am noticing I have more gas. =/

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Man we kept our weekend packed full of things and yet I had a great time. ^_^


Started off with a bowl of Kashi Golean Vanilla Graham Clusters with toasted walnuts and dried cherries. I bought this cereal thinking it would be like another cereal I loved (which I am still on the lookout for) but I really don’t like this one. Very…like eating twigs. No flavor in anything!

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Sunlight Cafe

You know what? I’m really over moving. The stress, the fights, the overreactions, ect. I honestly wish I just didn’t care because it’s not worth all of this…unhappiness.

Sorry I couldn’t post this yesterday. I was in no mood to write. =/ I will try to do a better job right now.


Yesterday started off good. Chase and I picked up Delly and she sweetly treated us for brunch at Sunlight Cafe. That’s right, Chase let us go to an all vegetarian place! O

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