Wow. While I’m writing this I’m packing to go back to WA! I can’t believe how fast a month flew by.


After an intense 60 minute lap swim yesterday, I came home to half a plain bagel with peanut butter and local peach jam with a glass of milk, while I read the paper on quinoa being grown in MT! Crazy. It’ll be very interesting if it works.

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Asian Amazon

Aww Saturday. How I will miss having nothing to do on Saturdays. ❤


Started around 7am with 3/4ths of a bagel covered with peanut butter, raspberry freezer jam, and my dad’s newly made plum jam. I was too full to eat the other 1/4th. I know I’m totally going overboard by making both halves when I used to just make one!

With my morning I got myself out there and did some errands. Got a few things at Target, went to Michael’s and bought the correct needles for my cross-stitch, and browsed Barnes & Nobel just for funsies.

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So yesterday was hard. Really hard…and I ate terribly!!

It started with me forcing myself out of bed at 6am for hour long lap swimming as usual. It’ not the swimming part I don’t like but the lack of sleep I’m getting.


A piece of sunshine in my gloomy day was visiting Steph at her Treasure State Doughnuts! I got a maple bar with a cornado espresso. That’s two shots with half and half. ^_^ It was all soo good! I also got to setup a day that I’m gonna come in at 4:30 in the morning and see the whole doughnut making process!

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