Wow. While I’m writing this I’m packing to go back to WA! I can’t believe how fast a month flew by.


After an intense 60 minute lap swim yesterday, I came home to half a plain bagel with peanut butter and local peach jam with a glass of milk, while I read the paper on quinoa being grown in MT! Crazy. It’ll be very interesting if it works.

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A Sunday in Bed

So I’m not going to have much time to write tomorrow morning (office donut run followed by interviews), so I figured I’d just get you all caught up on my life tonight. ^_^ Hope you don’t mind.

This morning I was up super early (5:25am) to get my dad to the airport. He’s off back to California for my cousin’s wedding! Clearly, I was needed here so I sent him off with orders to take pictures of (at least) the bride (my cousin, Diana!) and the cake. ~.^


When I got back home I climbed back into bed until 8:30 am when I woke up ready for breakfast. It was rainy and cold out so I felt like a hot breakfast of toasted sesame seed bagel with peanut butter and two kinds of jam, raspberry freezer jam and local peach jam. All washed down with a big mug of 1% milk.

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Bagels, Jam, and Pickles

I had a productive day today.


It started with me waking before my 7am alarm, in order to eat a breakfast of half a blueberry bagel with peanut butter and homemade huckleberry jam along with a glass of milk, and then heading to the Missoula Farmer’s Market with my dad! We had a great time browsing all the beautiful produce and sipping on cappuccinos. We bought some goodies, but didn’t go over the top.

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San Diego Recap Day 4 – To the Beach

Man I have a lot of days to recap! I didn’t realize just how much I’ve done while I’ve been away!


Sunday was the wind down of the reunion. In fact, by the time we got to the house for breakfast at 11 am (okay we may have been hurting a little bit from the drinking the night before) one family had already left! =( I ate another half of a sesame seed bagel with veggie cream cheese and some orange juice to try and feel better.

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San Diego Recap Day 3 – Night Out


Man it takes getting up pretty darn early to get four people showered, dressed, and out the door to get some place for breakfast at 9 am. Let me just say by the time we got to the beach house I was starving! Luckily I got the coffee I won from Win before we got there, so the double tall ristretto latte helped.

There wasn’t the biggest breakfast selection so I had something I normally don’t. Half a sesame seed bagel with a blueberry cream cheese spread. It was actually quiet tasty.

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Margarita Time

Alright, of course I get the internet back and then don’t post!!! Sorry about that, but I had a big day yesterday.


It started with me finishing off the tiny bit of milk we had left with a bowl of Weetabix topped with toasted walnuts and fresh organic blueberries. It was…alright. I think I am truly exiting the Weetabix phase.

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