Portobello Baby

Morning everyone. =) I finally have a full day off from everything so let me get caught up here! I opened Saturday morning so I was up bright and early at 4am.

1-photo 1

By my first 10 minute break I was hungry and my boss had brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I normally don’t like chocolate in my cookies but I ate one with an iced Sumatra Blue Batalk Clover Brewed Coffee. Delicious. Man unsweetened coffee with a sweet treat is good.

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Overfed Christmas

Oh boy was this Christmas filled with a lot of food. >.<


It started with  me getting up at 8am, hungry. Sadly our plans were to eat “brunch” at my mom’s at 11…so instead of making a hearty healthy breakfast of oatmeal I ended up grabbing an Eggnog Boston Cream donut and enjoyed it with a cup of Thanksgiving Blend Starbucks coffee. It was super super delicious, but as we all know, not that filling.

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‘Twas the Day Before Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m realizing that the problem with being used to getting up at 3am is that when I can finally sleep in 8am is as good as it gets. >.< My poor sister is gonna get tired of my early birdness fast me thinks. We are sharing a bed!

 photo 2 (3)

Anyway, yesterday morning was the same thing. I was up at 8 and back home with my Dad by 10am. We stopped at Treasure State Donuts though to grab a dozen and say happy holidays to my good friend, Steph! It’s always nice to see her. =)

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Ends Well

So this may turn into a pretty emotional blog for awhile. I hope that’s okay with you all because I totally need a place to share my feelings and stop pretending like I’m fine, like I must at work. Don’t worry, there will still be all the foods!

photo 1-36

So yesterday I woke up with puffy eyes and a lost feeling inside. I know I’ve done the right thing by deciding to be on my own. (I never have been before. I’ve been attached to a man since I was 14 years old.) I want to work on myself, become the person I want to be, learn to love myself. This sadly has to be done singularly. But even knowing all this I felt scared and so very incomplete. I put on my makeup and tried to mask the pain with a smile and went to work.

However, at work I just got more shattering news that made me unable to hide my sadness. My favorite boss of all time is transferring to another store due to this one being too stressful. I’m so sad to see her go because she was the main reason I loved my job so much. I also feel a loss of morale. How can a team survive when even their captain jumps ship?

On my 10 minute break I enjoyed a double short ristretto toffee nut soy latte. We had a lot of people call in sick so none of us (the three early morning people) were sure when we’d get our breakfast breaks, so I knew I needed the the calories to keep me going.

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Starbucks Eating

I’m not so sure on my eating yesterday. I felt like I was doing really well for most of the day, and then things went bad at home and I gave up.

photo 4-9

My my day started with a double short ristretto soy Gingerbread Latte. The spiced whip cream on this drink is the best dang part! Seriously worth it. I really needed this too. I was hungry and very very tired. =/ My sleep isn’t going well.

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When Ready

Today I was definitely better than yesterday. I just didn’t let my thoughts go to sad places and it turned out alright. =)


Started it off right with a green smoothie! That’s right, I’m now back in business with: fresh spinach, low-fat yogurt, milk, frozen banana, frozen mango, fresh squeezed lemon juice, coconut oil, and fish oil. It’s kind of funny that I like these smoothies since I normally need more texture in my meals.

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Wine Party in the Back

Today was a really great day. In fact, so great, that I’m worried I don’t have time to give it justice before bed, but if I don’t write I’ll forget all the amazing things about it!

photo 1-24

Let’s see..on my first 10 minute break I had a ristretto double short Americano with one pump peppermint and some steamed soy. It was so so. To be honest our espresso machines have been worked on and they just don’t seem to produce the same taste anymore. Honestly I drink them because I need the caffeine.

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