Chocolate Day

I’m not falling back behind yet! HA!


This morning was..Tuesday. Right? Yes. It was Tuesday. I woke up with my arm asleep above my head. This is a new habit for me and I don’t understand why I do it. I never used to have dead arms waking up! It’s very uncomfortable. -_-

For breakfast I went with Weetabix, plum, toasted cashews, and dried cranberries. Man I love how easy cereal is and how satisfied it makes me. The babies absolutely love it too. They lick my bowl clean.

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Not Old!

Am I getting old? The excuse I just said to myself on whether I should write my post right now or tomorrow was “I’m tired and it’s after 10pm!” O Yeah that’s why I decided to write. It’s only 10pm and I am young!!! Darn tootin.


Breakfast this morning was a quick bowl of Weetabix with cut up fruit (apple and an orange slice, yay free Starbucks fruit cups), sunflower seed butter, and raisins. Eaten way too fast because even though I pretty much binged on chocolate and Wheat Thins last night, my body was still hungry by morning. -_- I hate when I don’t understand my body.

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Back to “Normal”

I’m better!! Well…I say I am. Sure there’s a few sniffles, a few nose blowings, some coughs…but I’m better.


Breakfast was a delicious smoothie, this time with mixed frozen berries instead of banana but in all other ways the same as the last few days.

I have to say..I don’t know what’s going on but Vincent is very mad at me lately. He has destroyed TWO phone chargers in less than a week. I try so hard to hide the cords but he keeps finding them. =( Luckily a nice regular at work gave us all $10 Amazon gift cards for the holidays, so I was able to purchase another cord. I wish he’d stop being angry though. He also keeps waking me up before my alarm for no reason. He has food; he has water. T-T He’s just mad at his mom. It’s making sleep very difficult. Any advice?

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On the Up and Up

Good news, everyone! I think I am actually getting better! I didn’t have to take any medicine today, I blew my nose only a handful of times, didn’t cough up anything, and never had a coughing fit! I also never felt like I had a fever!! Heart Health here I come!


This morning started off with another zingy green smoothie: Evolution carrot apple juice, fresh spinach, frozen banana, low fat vanilla yogurt, and fish oil. I’m sure this same breakfast is getting boring to all of you, but I gotta use up that juice before it goes bad!

Now that I’m recovering though my hunger levels are increasing so I also had two graham cracker and peanut butter sandwiches.

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