Making & Losing Friends

Playing massive catch-up today. I’ve had some really great days and some bad ones, so I’ve been avoiding everything. Plus there’s been a real lack of vegetables and a plethora of refined carbohydrates…



I tried to set myself up on a good start for Thanksgiving morning with a Chobani Champion tube. Get my metabolism going nice and early.

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The Princess and the Bee

I haven’t forgotten to post about Tuesday!! Just getting behind…already. -_-


Breakfast: whole wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter, one with pumpkin butter, one with huckleberry, and the very last of the 1% milk. =( I’m always sad when the milk runs out but at least I’m not wasting any!

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Life Progress

Hey all! I’m still here. =) Just had some more rough times. Yeah I know, get used to it right? Well I’m here to catch you all up!



Started with a delectable smoothie: spinach, yogurt, milk, frozen mango, fish oil, coconut oil. I really do like smoothies. I was feeling like something light since that huge piece of pizza the night before really sat with me.

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Study Buddy

Ah sweet Sunday. I love my day off. Sadly, my day off was packed full of studying. My own fault really.


Breakfast was an unexpected want of Weetabix! That’s right, it’s back! I topped it with a banana, dried bing cherries, and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter. Mmm mm! I added the milk after the photo so you all could really see what was in there.

Next it was on to studying. I worked on my Medical Nutrition Therapy practice problems and assessment project which I enjoy. Then it was on to tidying up my notes for Advance Nutrition Principles, which I don’t enjoy.

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