Back to “Normal”

I’m better!! Well…I say I am. Sure there’s a few sniffles, a few nose blowings, some coughs…but I’m better.


Breakfast was a delicious smoothie, this time with mixed frozen berries instead of banana but in all other ways the same as the last few days.

I have to say..I don’t know what’s going on but Vincent is very mad at me lately. He has destroyed TWO phone chargers in less than a week. I try so hard to hide the cords but he keeps finding them. =( Luckily a nice regular at work gave us all $10 Amazon gift cards for the holidays, so I was able to purchase another cord. I wish he’d stop being angry though. He also keeps waking me up before my alarm for no reason. He has food; he has water. T-T He’s just mad at his mom. It’s making sleep very difficult. Any advice?

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New Quarter

Since I had my giant breakfast of French toast the night before, I was not ready for breakfast come Monday morning. That’s okay. Eating intuitively is about listening to when your body is hungry, and boy mine was not!


It did get a little growly during my first class of this quarter though, about 11am. To appease it I slipped into my lunch for a baggie of trail mix.

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Solstice My Way

Ok guys the lack of vegetables in my day is quite surprising….but I’m leaving on Monday so I really don’t want to be wasteful! I know that’s no excuse..

photo 1-41

It was the Winter Solstice today so I celebrated on my 10 minute break with a doppio ristretto espresso con ponna. That’s shots of espresso with whip cream on top. I used the spiced whip cream and molasses drizzle! Mmm. I also munched on some cinnamon apple chips. (I also brought those Gingerbread Molasses cookies for everyone for Solstice! I love sharing.)

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Ends Well

So this may turn into a pretty emotional blog for awhile. I hope that’s okay with you all because I totally need a place to share my feelings and stop pretending like I’m fine, like I must at work. Don’t worry, there will still be all the foods!

photo 1-36

So yesterday I woke up with puffy eyes and a lost feeling inside. I know I’ve done the right thing by deciding to be on my own. (I never have been before. I’ve been attached to a man since I was 14 years old.) I want to work on myself, become the person I want to be, learn to love myself. This sadly has to be done singularly. But even knowing all this I felt scared and so very incomplete. I put on my makeup and tried to mask the pain with a smile and went to work.

However, at work I just got more shattering news that made me unable to hide my sadness. My favorite boss of all time is transferring to another store due to this one being too stressful. I’m so sad to see her go because she was the main reason I loved my job so much. I also feel a loss of morale. How can a team survive when even their captain jumps ship?

On my 10 minute break I enjoyed a double short ristretto toffee nut soy latte. We had a lot of people call in sick so none of us (the three early morning people) were sure when we’d get our breakfast breaks, so I knew I needed the the calories to keep me going.

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When Ready

Today I was definitely better than yesterday. I just didn’t let my thoughts go to sad places and it turned out alright. =)


Started it off right with a green smoothie! That’s right, I’m now back in business with: fresh spinach, low-fat yogurt, milk, frozen banana, frozen mango, fresh squeezed lemon juice, coconut oil, and fish oil. It’s kind of funny that I like these smoothies since I normally need more texture in my meals.

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Mug of Medicine

So my first day back in school went okay.


Woke up still pretty darn sick though so I kept breakfast simple and just had a bowl of Stonyfield’s Low Fat French Vanilla yogurt. Slid right down my aching throat with ease.

On my way to school I stopped at the open pharmacy and looked for the medicine that works for me, Theraflu. Sadly I found out there is a shortage of the stuff since they had to shut down some of their factories, but I found the last box of off-brand! Even though it was for “nighttime” I sipped it down during my first class, Medical Nutrition Therapy.

The teacher in this class seems awesome and I’m actually pretty interested in the subject.

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