Stress Melt Down

Well guys..I’ve recently had another melt down so I’m finding it hard to find time to blog. I can hardly remember most days now, let alone what I eat. =( Let me try to catch up and spark my memory



Friday morning started off bright and early with a yogurt bowl of Chobani Mango 2% Greek yogurt, a cut up plum, raw oats, and almonds and dried cranberries. Not gonna lie…just looking at this makes me want to eat it right now!

I then headed to class to watch half my classmates present their supplement company research projects. Boring. -_-

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Man was I tired when I awoke Tuesday morning. My body hurt, but in a good way!


I didn’t have class until 10am (one class not meeting), but I was still up before 7am because I had stuff to do! First off: breakfast. Exact same breakfast as Monday but this time shoved in the almond butter jar so I could painfully scrap all of the dry almond butter off! Success.

Then it was off to the gym for me for a 30 minute run! It felt so great to be running again, especially with my new running mix. I’m becoming less of a fan of early morning workouts though (besides swimming) because I just could not cool off enough after it. My hair was pretty darn curly today. -_-

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More Sushi Plz

Slowly chugging along to get caught up! Let’s see where were we…Sunday!

photo 1

Sunday I opened with my favorite shift leader, Aireen. ❤ She always gives you breaks on time and is super efficient. We were both dead tired though. I only got four hours of sleep. Why? Because I simply could not fall asleep. =( I’ve never had sleep problems before, but all of a sudden it’s taking me over an hour to drift off.

Coffee was definitely needed. I believe I had my Turkish coffee and a baggie of dried apricots and raw almonds. My tummy was surprisingly hungry after all that sushi the night before!

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Sushi Land

Hm so my Lightroom is just suddenly dead for now. Expect my photos to not look as good (ha!) as normal and I’ll fix it when I have time!


After a night of drinking, I know I want a hot breakfast to help myself feel better. So this time (since I magically didn’t work until 9am) I made sure to get up in time to make one! I made pumpkin Kodiak Cakes with almond butter, maple syrup, and dried cranberries. They completely sucked at staying together! Pumpkin just makes it all too moist. It hit the spot though.

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Not Perfection

Well I have been a busy girl since last I posted! Luckily I did not lose my camera so I can catch up!


photo 1-67

After a fun night of drinking (3 glasses of wine), I always feel like a hot eggy breakfast at work. So I grabbed myself a Spinach Feta Wrap and an Evolution Super Green juice and felt so much better.

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One Good Sunday

Yesterday was pretty much a perfect Sunday. =)


I slept in for the first time in probably over a month! That’s right, once 8am rolled around though, my body said “Feed me!”. I made another awesome green smoothie with the same ingredients that I’ve been hooked on: fresh spinach, frozen mango, one big scoop of nonfat yogurt, 3/4 cup milk, coconut oil, and fish oil. This baby was the perfect amount and consistency. I’m getting better. ~.^

(Off topic: see my cross stitch!? I finally was able to get the inside lines correct.  Now I just can wait for the next part of the pattern to be released in order to fill it in. ^_^)

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Gotta Have Sushi

So yesterday was just as busy as the day before. Well…it felt like it, but no I didn’t have to get up at 4am! Phew.

Instead I got up at 6am and headed to the pool for a 60 minute lap swim. I am so going to miss these early morning swims. Sure everyday when my alarm goes off I think about not going, but once I hit the water I am so glad I’m there!


Breakfast was a bowl of an old favorite: Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal with Nature Box Blueberry Almonds and some fresh local gooseberries. Due to the sourness of the gooseberries this bowl feels like I’m eating candy! Each bite is “Oohh it’s sweet, crunchy, whoa sour!”.

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