Arg. It’s so hard playing catch-up like this. =/ Are you sure you guys really care what I eat? My photos have gone sooo downhill since I just don’t have time to make things pretty anymore.

Sunday was super rough because at 7am I got a call from my shift leader asking if I could come into work early since someone went home sick. I wasn’t supposed to work until 10 am! Of course I told her I’d be there and got straight to work.

However, I didn’t have breakfast so while working, I had to slowly eat some things. I didn’t get photos (duh) but I can certainly remember:

1/4 of a vegetable & Fontiago breakfast sandwich (Meh this new sandwich is a lot heartier than the previous Vegetable Artisan sandwich, but it still isn’t very tasty IMO)

1/2 of a blueberry scone

One chocolate smoothie with two add shots

I know O.O A lot! But this was eaten over a period of hours and continually being on my feet.

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My Furballs


I actually got a good night’s sleep last night. It felt so great to wake up to these smiling faces. Aren’t they just the cutest little bed buddies you’ve ever seen? They were just lined up next to my face like this.

For awhile a few weeks back, I felt like I didn’t need any one. That I truly had no connections or ties to keep me in place. Not even my babies. But now I’m starting to feel more like myself again and know that these are my kids. I never want to bring a child into this world, so this is it. These are the faces I put all my love and motherly care. And I cannot be parted from them. 

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There is so much I want to write about that happened Monday. =/ So much, that I can’t find the words nor the time to get it all out. =[ Let’s just say, I’m really coming to terms with who I am. It’s not so easy to just force yourself to be something else. I can’t talk about this right now, but I will seriously try to write a post in the future.

Instead I’ll talk about my failure of a day, eating wise.


I woke up super early to get some last minute cramming in and made myself a yummy breakfast of pumpkin Kodiak cakes topped with maple syrup, dried cranberries, almonds, and eventually some almond butter. Delicious and so moist.

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Dead Battery

Happy Monday everyone! I didn’t post a quickie last night because I knew I was gonna get up early to study, and why not use some of that time to be distracted by you lovely people.

My Sunday started off kind of awfully. Seattle got like 3 inches of snow, but that wasn’t the problem. I actually saw plows (very rare here) so I felt like I could drive. The problem was…I’d left my lights on all night so when I got in my car to head to work at 4:45am….it didn’t start! Crap! Who the hell was I gonna find this early in the morning to help me?!

Luckily my co-worker and her husband came and picked me up, and we drove down the hill, covered in eerie abandoned cars and car crashes.

photo 1-64

We got to work though and it was a fine morning! On my breakfast break I ate Weetabix with a packet of nuts, dried fruit, and blueberries from our “Classic Oatmeal” along with a Grande orange refresher with black tea instead of water. I also ate an unpictured baggie of raw almonds and dried apricots when I was still hungry.

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The 411

Okay guys I gotta make this quick. Here’s what’s going on with me:

  1. Next week is midterms and I haven’t gone anywhere near the level of studying I normally do. I’m kind of worried I may be becoming a “bad” student.
  2. Not only is it midterms next week but my huge important dietetic internship application is also due. The application that decides the next year of my life.
  3. I’m still trying really hard to be the person I want to be and that includes being social. No WONDER I’ve been such a good student all these years without having friends. Friends take time!

So anyway I don’t have time to write up nice interesting posts right now. In fact, I’m debating not posting at all at least until Valentine’s Day when everything is handed in and submitted. That seems like a little long break though so for now I’m going to aim for wordless posts, still sharing what I’m eating.

Hope that’s okay! Here’s just a flurry of photos I’ve taken since we talked last.


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Breaking the Ice

Alright folks. At this moment I am writing this in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, waiting for my flight to take me home to Missoula, MT! I’m so excited to go spend the holidays with family, though I admit I will miss my Starbucks one and especially my little ones. ❤ Don’t worry, they are being looked after.

Let me try and catch you up on yesterday though!

photo 1-42

I opened my first Sunday shift ever, and to be honest it was the worst shift I’ve ever had! Who you work with makes such a difference and sadly we did not have a good team yesterday. People calling in sick really cripples us! On my 10 minute break I had a double short Americano with one pump white chocolate and a splash of breve.

I didn’t eat these truffles but my sweet co-worker Christiana got me for Secrete Santa and made them by hand! They are in Starbucks flavors!! She also gave me a gift card to Fred Meyer, where we both love to find black skirts for work. ❤

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Making & Losing Friends

Playing massive catch-up today. I’ve had some really great days and some bad ones, so I’ve been avoiding everything. Plus there’s been a real lack of vegetables and a plethora of refined carbohydrates…



I tried to set myself up on a good start for Thanksgiving morning with a Chobani Champion tube. Get my metabolism going nice and early.

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