Playing Catch Up

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days. To be honest all of it’s been kind of a blur. Work and fun combined. >.< Let me see if I can piece together what I ate…



Like I mentioned on Thursday, we were having a sleepover party at my place! My co-workers Aaron and Martie came over and we drank wine and ate nachos and talked long into the night. I pretty much tried to ignore the fact that I had class at 8am the next day. >.<

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Meet & Greet



First off I need to apologize for this horribly blurry photo! Clearly I was in such a rush due to hunger to take more. >.< I’m so sorry!

I got up yesterday on my one day off from everything, at 6am. Yeah don’t ask me why, but I was awake and ready to get stuff done!

I made a breakfast of Kodiak Cakes drizzled with almond butter and maple syrup and some milk. They were thick instead of thin this time, and you know what? I enjoyed them!

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Ancho Whipped Cream

Wow. While I was sitting here trying to figure out what I should do to distract me from the large piles of work I could and should be working on, I realized I had two blog entries to catch up! Well if that wasn’t a more perfect thing to do than homework I don’t know what is. Heart So let me catch you all up!



I must admit, I dread Friday mornings because I have the worst class I’ve been a part of in a long time. It’s called Nutritional Supplements and Herbs and the teacher (who is new to the school) knows nothing about them. This teacher also talks the most I’ve ever heard while saying the least. It’s a lot of repeating non-important information. She’s also so disengaging that a lot of students end up asking the same questions and instead of telling them to pay attention she just keeps repeating herself. It’s awful!

Anyway, I HAVE to have a ghetto mocha for that class, so I prepared my stomach for the caffeine with some hearty PB&J toast. One with fig butter, one with pumpkin butter, along with a mug of milk.

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Pacific Soup Winners

I’m dying to do some reading in bed so I’m going to make this quick!

First off the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The winner’s of the Pacific Soup Giveaway! Through the help of the two winners are:

4. Jennifer

7. Susan Christy

Congratulations!! Neither of you left no email address so PLEASE email me at in order to claim your prize. If I do not hear from either of you by Monday I will have to re-draw winners!

For those who didn’t win, don’t be discouraged. I am planning another giveaway soon. =)

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Just Get to 2014

photo 1-45

Hey everyone. I’m going through a rough/exploring time at the moment and really just need to take a step back and not worry about photographing everything I eat and sharing it with all of you.

I promise to be back at the start of the new year. Thanks for giving me this time to just breathe. After the break here are some highlight photos of the past few days.

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Solstice My Way

Ok guys the lack of vegetables in my day is quite surprising….but I’m leaving on Monday so I really don’t want to be wasteful! I know that’s no excuse..

photo 1-41

It was the Winter Solstice today so I celebrated on my 10 minute break with a doppio ristretto espresso con ponna. That’s shots of espresso with whip cream on top. I used the spiced whip cream and molasses drizzle! Mmm. I also munched on some cinnamon apple chips. (I also brought those Gingerbread Molasses cookies for everyone for Solstice! I love sharing.)

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