Life as a Cat


So after getting 12 hours of sleep last night, I found that I was still sick this morning. I tried to ignore it.  Made a breakfast of toast with PB and Pumpkin Butter along with a mug of milk, showered…and ended up back in bed. My body was just not gonna have it. I was too shaky and achy.

I went back to sleep.

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Beating Lady Days

Evening everyone. ^_^ This morning started off rough. I awoke from a horrible dream where I’d been abducted by Russians! It was pretty horrifying and I almost started crying when my sister (or lack thereof) came into the dream but luckily I woke up. Yikes! I felt drained the whole day, maybe due to this dream!


Breakfast started off with some good ol’ PB and various jams on toast with a glass of milk. Homemade huckleberry and pumpkin butter! Nom nom. I really wanted a green smoothie but sadly I let myself run out of greens!! Don’t worry I remedied that at the store today.

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I CAN Do It All.

This day started off with me feeling like a failure. 5am came way too fast so I rolled over, turned off my alarm, and skipped my morning swim. I felt really disappointed with  myself since I felt like I had no other time in the day to fit it in.


When I did get up about 2 hours later, I made a green smoothie that was really so-so. Spinach, milk, yogurt, frozen mango and banana, fish oil, and coconut oil. It tasted too fishy but I slurped it down anyway.

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Ancho Whipped Cream

Wow. While I was sitting here trying to figure out what I should do to distract me from the large piles of work I could and should be working on, I realized I had two blog entries to catch up! Well if that wasn’t a more perfect thing to do than homework I don’t know what is. Heart So let me catch you all up!



I must admit, I dread Friday mornings because I have the worst class I’ve been a part of in a long time. It’s called Nutritional Supplements and Herbs and the teacher (who is new to the school) knows nothing about them. This teacher also talks the most I’ve ever heard while saying the least. It’s a lot of repeating non-important information. She’s also so disengaging that a lot of students end up asking the same questions and instead of telling them to pay attention she just keeps repeating herself. It’s awful!

Anyway, I HAVE to have a ghetto mocha for that class, so I prepared my stomach for the caffeine with some hearty PB&J toast. One with fig butter, one with pumpkin butter, along with a mug of milk.

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Ends Well

So this may turn into a pretty emotional blog for awhile. I hope that’s okay with you all because I totally need a place to share my feelings and stop pretending like I’m fine, like I must at work. Don’t worry, there will still be all the foods!

photo 1-36

So yesterday I woke up with puffy eyes and a lost feeling inside. I know I’ve done the right thing by deciding to be on my own. (I never have been before. I’ve been attached to a man since I was 14 years old.) I want to work on myself, become the person I want to be, learn to love myself. This sadly has to be done singularly. But even knowing all this I felt scared and so very incomplete. I put on my makeup and tried to mask the pain with a smile and went to work.

However, at work I just got more shattering news that made me unable to hide my sadness. My favorite boss of all time is transferring to another store due to this one being too stressful. I’m so sad to see her go because she was the main reason I loved my job so much. I also feel a loss of morale. How can a team survive when even their captain jumps ship?

On my 10 minute break I enjoyed a double short ristretto toffee nut soy latte. We had a lot of people call in sick so none of us (the three early morning people) were sure when we’d get our breakfast breaks, so I knew I needed the the calories to keep me going.

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Kiss Me, I’m Single

Since I’m not as stressed out anymore due to actually doing drastic things to fix my life (aka singledom)…my appetite is back! O.O

My morning started off bright and early for a 35 minute lap swim. I just couldn’t stop my mind from going over and over that awful date so that’s why it was a short swim. I just couldn’t focus!


Once I got back to the apartment I made a PB&J quesadilla (no cheese…) with a glass of milk. Mmm devoured.

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Birthday Babies


Yesterday (my only day off) was spent with two very special birthday babies! That’s right, Vincent and Ophelia are now 6 years old! Both of them got new collars for their birthdays which, of course, you cannot see because they are so fluffy. -_- Vinni’s is Batman themed though and Ophie’s is black with white polka dots and frills. I’m so proud of my gentle giants!

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