Breaking the Ice

Alright folks. At this moment I am writing this in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, waiting for my flight to take me home to Missoula, MT! I’m so excited to go spend the holidays with family, though I admit I will miss my Starbucks one and especially my little ones. ❤ Don’t worry, they are being looked after.

Let me try and catch you up on yesterday though!

photo 1-42

I opened my first Sunday shift ever, and to be honest it was the worst shift I’ve ever had! Who you work with makes such a difference and sadly we did not have a good team yesterday. People calling in sick really cripples us! On my 10 minute break I had a double short Americano with one pump white chocolate and a splash of breve.

I didn’t eat these truffles but my sweet co-worker Christiana got me for Secrete Santa and made them by hand! They are in Starbucks flavors!! She also gave me a gift card to Fred Meyer, where we both love to find black skirts for work. ❤

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Smoothies, Smaug, and Fish

I just can’t seem to keep up! Sorry this is a day late everyone. I’m really trying to pack my days full of interesting things. It’s the new me. Out and about doing stuff. ^_^

photo 1-40

Yesterday before worked started since I was on at 6am, I had a double short ristretto gingerbread latte. That’s right, I got all the toppings because the spiced whip cream is the best part about this drink!

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Not Better…

Hi all! Man I wish I could say I’m 100% better but at the moment I feel like crap. =( I was able to work my Starbucks shift this morning, I’m definitely not getting worse, but I’m definitely not better! Let me catch you up on yesterday…


My Tuesdays start relatively early now at 7am. I tried to eat this overnight oats with kiwi berries with a spoonful of sunflower seed butter, but half way through I just didn’t care enough to finish it. I’m so over overnight oats!! I think I really want oatmeal…

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New Game

Well sorry to disappoint but I was so worried about being late to my first day at Starbucks yesterday that I just grabbed what I already had made in the fridge for breakfast.


That’s right, good ol’ banana overnight oats topped with sunflower seed butter and dried cherries. I’m so over these things I wish I didn’t have two already prepared in my fridge!! I couldn’t even eat this whole jar. I swear “newer” breakfasts are coming soon.

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Nutritional Yeast

I don’t know if my go-go-go in Montana is just catching up with me or what but I’ve been sooo darn tired in the morning. Yesterday when Chase woke me so I could head to a Total Body class I totally told him thanks but no thanks and rolled over. Who is this person!?

Feeling pretty guilty about not making it to the class (this is the only week I have to try out the classes since they don’t fit with my school schedule), I got up about 30 minutes later and made it to the next one, Core Challenge. This class had a much better instructor than that awful Step one, but was sadly pretty darn short! It’s only supposed to be 25 minutes long but it even started late. Nevertheless I would go back to this one and my abs are in pain today!


Once I got home I pulled out a jar of banana and plum overnight oats from the fridge and plopped in a spoonful of almond butter before sitting down and figuring what other classes I can make it to.

My morning wasn’t very busy but it flew by.

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