Portobello Baby

Morning everyone. =) I finally have a full day off from everything so let me get caught up here! I opened Saturday morning so I was up bright and early at 4am.

1-photo 1

By my first 10 minute break I was hungry and my boss had brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I normally don’t like chocolate in my cookies but I ate one with an iced Sumatra Blue Batalk Clover Brewed Coffee. Delicious. Man unsweetened coffee with a sweet treat is good.

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Letting Go of Dreams

Hi hi everyone. I gotta admit, yesterday turned into a rough day. Do I say this too often?


Started out great with a bowl of Chobani Blackberry Greek yogurt with raw oats, chia seeds, drippy almond butter, banana, and dried cranberries. It was nice to sit down at the table, read the news (lawl I call Facebook the news ~.^), and eat my breakfast.

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Glowing? Really?


Almost there!

Monday started with another Greek honey yogurt parfait mixed with banana and a spoonful of almond butter. I also tried sipping some Evolution Pineapple Coconut Water to get my thirst going. I put most of it back in the fridge, though, it did make me want water!

I’m trying really really hard this week to increase my fluid intake. I haven’t been getting enough for a few months now and it’s unacceptable!

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More Sushi Plz

Slowly chugging along to get caught up! Let’s see where were we…Sunday!

photo 1

Sunday I opened with my favorite shift leader, Aireen. ❤ She always gives you breaks on time and is super efficient. We were both dead tired though. I only got four hours of sleep. Why? Because I simply could not fall asleep. =( I’ve never had sleep problems before, but all of a sudden it’s taking me over an hour to drift off.

Coffee was definitely needed. I believe I had my Turkish coffee and a baggie of dried apricots and raw almonds. My tummy was surprisingly hungry after all that sushi the night before!

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Sushi Land

Hm so my Lightroom is just suddenly dead for now. Expect my photos to not look as good (ha!) as normal and I’ll fix it when I have time!


After a night of drinking, I know I want a hot breakfast to help myself feel better. So this time (since I magically didn’t work until 9am) I made sure to get up in time to make one! I made pumpkin Kodiak Cakes with almond butter, maple syrup, and dried cranberries. They completely sucked at staying together! Pumpkin just makes it all too moist. It hit the spot though.

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Geez it’s been so long it took me a little bit to figure out where I left off. Looks like Friday was my big melt down. Ug. And now my Lightroom isn’t even wanting to cooperate so I can show you guys the photos…Is this a sign? ./sigh


So like I said, Friday started off with me just feeling bad about myself. Just one of those days where you wake up and feel flabby and worthless.


Even though I knew I might be getting breakfast with my friends (we were carpooling to a field trip for my supplements class) I started my day off with a green smoothie. This was around 5:30am. 

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Not Perfection

Well I have been a busy girl since last I posted! Luckily I did not lose my camera so I can catch up!


photo 1-67

After a fun night of drinking (3 glasses of wine), I always feel like a hot eggy breakfast at work. So I grabbed myself a Spinach Feta Wrap and an Evolution Super Green juice and felt so much better.

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Not Old!

Am I getting old? The excuse I just said to myself on whether I should write my post right now or tomorrow was “I’m tired and it’s after 10pm!” O Yeah that’s why I decided to write. It’s only 10pm and I am young!!! Darn tootin.


Breakfast this morning was a quick bowl of Weetabix with cut up fruit (apple and an orange slice, yay free Starbucks fruit cups), sunflower seed butter, and raisins. Eaten way too fast because even though I pretty much binged on chocolate and Wheat Thins last night, my body was still hungry by morning. -_- I hate when I don’t understand my body.

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Dinner Club

No I’m not better yet. =( In fact one of my classmates turned to me and said “My god you sound worse!”. It’s true. A lot more coughing today but I’d like to say less phlegm.


Breakfast was toast with crunchy peanut butter, huckleberry jam on one, pumpkin butter on the other, and milk. I went with something hearty because I also ended up drinking a double short ghetto mocha during my three hour Nutritional Supplements and Herbs class. I knew it would be a long one.

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‘Twas the Day Before Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m realizing that the problem with being used to getting up at 3am is that when I can finally sleep in 8am is as good as it gets. >.< My poor sister is gonna get tired of my early birdness fast me thinks. We are sharing a bed!

 photo 2 (3)

Anyway, yesterday morning was the same thing. I was up at 8 and back home with my Dad by 10am. We stopped at Treasure State Donuts though to grab a dozen and say happy holidays to my good friend, Steph! It’s always nice to see her. =)

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