Better Days

Well, today was a better day than yesterday. =)


It started with me waking up before my alarm, feeling rested and refreshed. What a wonderful feeling! I then made myself a perfect bowl of Weetabix, fresh raspberries, dried cherries, and toasted walnuts. I love all the textures!

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Nihon no Tabemono

relax (Source)

Thursdays always feel like my longest day. I get up early and go to school then by lunch I’m home saying hi to Chase and then I’m off to the food bank to stock shelves for two hours. Once that’s over I generally come home and pick up Chase and we go out and do something fun. By the end of the day I’m always shocked that it is still Thursday! And then I freak out that I didn’t fit in a workout. -_- So sometimes I just need to remind myself to relax. It’s my “Friday” night.

I think I’m going to move my rest days to Thursdays for this exact reason.

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Cultural Perspectives on Food Midterm–Japan

Here’s the midterm paper I did for my Cultural Perspectives on Food class on Japan. I warn you it is not a literary piece of art. I did not even try to connect paragraphs really. I just answered the questions as best I could and put them in essay form. >.< I wasn’t graded on that at all so I didn’t bother putting the time into it. =/ Just warning you.

I did love doing this project though.


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This time last year I wrote a series of posts that reflected on my life changing 3 month Japan internship. It really did a lot of good for me emotionally (I stopped having nightmares!) and really helped me come to terms with what an important experience this was. I don’t feel like I have more I want to say about it but in honor of it being two years since I took that fateful flight oversees I am going to have a Japanese Internship Photo (JIP) every day until September. There are a heck of a lot of photos I’ve never showed anyone! They will be completely random; I seriously just closed my eyes and clicked. So here we go!


Japan 2010 051

My roommate Kayla in her yukata at Obon, proudly displaying her festival fare of yakisoba! (Note awesome Hello Kitty balloon.)

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I know I will and please feel free to re-read (or read for the first time!) my posts from last year. I really enjoy reliving them.

Japan Internship- A Year Later

And now on to the food!

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