Mexican Train

This trip is just flying by!


Was able to sleep in today before I woke up starving! Again, I made do with a multigrain English muffin with Skippy peanut butter and a handful of Rainer cherries. I took one sniff of the sugar-free blueberry jam my dad had and drew the line. Splenda is gross!

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New Lens

It’s really nice to be back home again. =] Even though I didn’t get to sleep until after 3am I was still up before 8am, too excited to sleep. I had my new camera to play with! =D

That’s right, thanks to my parents (early birthday present!), the Amazon credit I’ve saved up by using my Amazon credit card, and the Green Trip Rewards program, I was able to order a 18 MP Sony Cyber-Shot WX300! (in Red of course!) It was sadly time to retire my old Canon with its inability to focus. =( I decided to get a point and shoot camera instead of a DSLR because, honestly, I don’t have time to really learn to use a DSLR properly. =/


The first photo with my new camera? Half a cranberry bagel from our local, Bagel’s on Broadway bakery, with a little bit of Skippy peanut butter. Yeah…can’t be picky when there is nothing else to eat for breakfast in the house! I seriously waited until about 9am before I just had to eat it.

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Summer Times

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! I’d like to say I was out and about enjoying the sunshine but alas, we had a cold dreary day today in Seattle so I stayed inside and got in some good leisure time.


My day started around 8:30am with a hot bowl of plain oatmeal mixed with TJ’s Fig Butter and almond butter. I’m not really sure what I think of this Fig Butter yet, but this bowl seriously lacked in the texture department!

After digesting I hit the gym first thing for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. By the time I got back, Chase was awake! It felt great to get that done with so I could relax.

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All Over the Place

My goodness! I’ve been so busy tonight playing with the most amazing and generous Xmas gift from my mother (which luckily arrived today instead of before the break in), I didn’t even notice it was after midnight and I hadn’t blogged yet!! (I will tell you more about the gift tomorrow when I’m not rushing!)

I did soo very much today. Mainly because I got up at 4am. >.> Don’t worry though, I felt well rested since I crashed last night at 8pm.

20121227-NOW 001

So around 4:30am I was scarfing down breakfast: Greek yogurt, last of the almond butter, a mushy banana, golden raisins, and a sprinkle of toasted raisins. Along with the rest of my very last eggnog latte. It felt really good to not be rushed at all.

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Teen Feed

So that 12 hour fast I was whining about last night actually wasn’t so bad. =P I was soo tired last night I didn’t even notice. When I woke up this morning I managed to just shower, dress, and head over to the hospital for a quick blood draw without being too cranky. Don’t worry this blood work isn’t for anything serious. My doctor just thought it might be good to see where my vitamin B-12 levels were and check my cholesterol since I never have.


Afterwards though it was breakfast time!! I toasted an English muffin and slathered it with homemade crunchy peanut butter, one with three berry freezer jam, and the other with orange marmalade. I also ate an Asian pear that was finally ripe…and then found I was still hungry so I toasted a heel of whole grain bread for another round of PB&J. Yum-o. I really wish I’d had some milk to wash it all down but I have yet to pick more up!

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To the Fair!

Wow yesterday turned out to be a really busy day for us, even though when we woke up we didn’t have any plans!

20120901-NOW 001

We started out with the free breakfast at our motel where I made some of the Three Sisters Chia Spiced oatmeal I brought, added a spoonful of their peanut butter, and enjoyed a glass of milk. It wasn’t pretty but it did the trick.

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Ry Ry

When my alarm went off at 7am this morning in order for me to hit the gym, I woke up feeling like I’d been bawling for 3 hours. =( My head hurt and I felt really dehydrated. Remembering how bad a workout can be after a blood donation, I decided to give myself one day of rest, rolled over, and slept for another 30 minutes.

20120828-NOW 004

While I enjoy having my breakfast pretty much ready for me with overnight oats, I feel like this recipe I’m doing is too small. Well at least volume wise. I did make it until lunch though without eating. I tried Cherry Chocolate Chunk Refrigerator Oatmeal this morning, but changed the recipe up a little by increasing the yogurt to 1/2 cup and decreasing the milk to 1/4. I like the texture better this way. For toppings I just did one scoop of White Chocolate Wonderful PB. Mmmmmm! Vincent doesn’t like my new jars since he can’t lick the bowl. Stare-Left

These might be really handy when I have to get up early to catch the bus for class though.

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