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Aww Saturday. How I will miss having nothing to do on Saturdays. ❤


Started around 7am with 3/4ths of a bagel covered with peanut butter, raspberry freezer jam, and my dad’s newly made plum jam. I was too full to eat the other 1/4th. I know I’m totally going overboard by making both halves when I used to just make one!

With my morning I got myself out there and did some errands. Got a few things at Target, went to Michael’s and bought the correct needles for my cross-stitch, and browsed Barnes & Nobel just for funsies.

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Bagels, Jam, and Pickles

I had a productive day today.


It started with me waking before my 7am alarm, in order to eat a breakfast of half a blueberry bagel with peanut butter and homemade huckleberry jam along with a glass of milk, and then heading to the Missoula Farmer’s Market with my dad! We had a great time browsing all the beautiful produce and sipping on cappuccinos. We bought some goodies, but didn’t go over the top.

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Little Socialite

Geez sorry this post is so damn late! >.< I was social last night instead of being a hermit like usual.

Yesterday morning started off with a good 60 minute lap swim! Yay, lesson learned that I just can’t swim except in the early morning, before I’ve put any food in my body.


After swimming, I ate a breakfast of nonfat Greek yogurt, raw oats, peanut butter, and my very own homemade huckleberry jam! (More on that and a giveaway to come!)

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Blueberries & Oats Goes Camping

Well I survived 4 days of camping and boy do I have a lot to share with you all! I hope I can do it justice.

Wednesday – July 3rd

July 3rd was pretty darn special to me because for the first time in about two months I felt hungry! Seriously, I woke up bright and early, got dressed, then had this loud growl come from my tummy and, at the same time(!), had a sudden appetite. It was a wonderful feeling to rely on my body’s cue’s again. No more Claritin D!!

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New Things

Man I was out like a light late last night and didn’t officially get up until after 10am this morning! OThat is crazy for me! I was soo tired.

20120914-NOW 001

Of course, by the time I got up I was hungry for breakfast. Luckily, I had a jar of overnight oats with a Fire Dapple pluot already made. I topped it with almond butter, dried cherries, and toasted almonds and chowed down. Love!

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Back to the Grill

Boy we had a rough night last night all crammed into the bedroom since the living room got it’s “dusting”. We ended up giving Vinni another bath after midnight because he was just going crazy scratching. =(

20120830-NOW 001

So due to that drama, we slept in until about 9am today and it felt good. I was also really glad I had breakfast all made and ready for me because I was not in the mood to cook. These overnight oats had frozen blueberries and maple syrup soaked into it and was topped with a scoop of sunflower seed butter and golden raisins. Mmm mmm. I think the key to these overnight oats in a jar is just using my bigger pint jars over the half pints. It just makes it easier to mix toppings in and make them more satisfying!

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Back Home

It has been one long day and it’s not even 9pm yet! O I’m glad I got 12 hours of sleep the night before last because last night I only got a measly 4. Yep. I just could not fall asleep with the excitement of our trip today. When my alarm sounded at 4am, my brain honestly couldn’t compute what was happening. I had a minute of just staring at my phone going “What’s it doing?” before I figured it out, turned it off, and hit the shower.

20120816-NOW 001

For breakfast I had prepared some overnight oats with the last of the Greek yogurt and skim milk. I added in frozen cherries and topped it with White Chocolate Wonderful PB, walnuts, and golden raisins. Delicious! This bowl had more yogurt than usual and I really preferred the texture. I think I’m going to need to tweak my standard overnight oats recipe now.

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Turning In

Super quick post tonight because even though it is not 9pm, I am crawling in bed early! I had horrible sleep last night and woke up a total of 3 times before my alarm at 6:30am.

I still had a really good one hour lap swim this morning though. I’m really enjoying working on the different strokes. My goal for the coming year: learn the flip turn (soo cool) and the breaststroke!


Breakfast: Strawberry Chobani mixed with chunky peanut butter and a broken up Apple Pie Larabar. It didn’t even need the Larabar, I just had it for more sustenance. Greek yogurt + nut butter = pure bliss. Seriously, give it a try. It is the creamiest thing you’ll ever eat!


Lunch: More vegetable and noodle soup, string cheese, Kashi Pumpkin Spice Crunch bar (much better than the layered one I had yesterday, not so freaking sweet!), and a gorgeous summer red apple.


Again I arrived home after work completely famished. I devoured a small summer red with a lot of chunky peanut butter.


Not even a half hour later I was still super hungry. I didn’t want to eat a real meal because I had plans to grill with my dad tonight! So I gave in and had a zillion tortilla chips (the devil!) with salsa.


The moment my dad pulled in to the driveway I was at the door greeting him with “Welcome home! Let’s make dinner.” We had grilled corn, grilled vegetables (eggplant, bell peppers, red onion), a Vegan Boca burger for me, and some cherry tomatoes.

Holy moly I was full after that.

And now I’m headed straight to bed!