Meet & Greet



First off I need to apologize for this horribly blurry photo! Clearly I was in such a rush due to hunger to take more. >.< I’m so sorry!

I got up yesterday on my one day off from everything, at 6am. Yeah don’t ask me why, but I was awake and ready to get stuff done!

I made a breakfast of Kodiak Cakes drizzled with almond butter and maple syrup and some milk. They were thick instead of thin this time, and you know what? I enjoyed them!

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Tempeh Meatloaf

I was so ready for it to be Friday yesterday. All the muscles in my body felt exhausted. As I did my 60 minute lap swim all I could think about was the next two days away from it!


Breakfast was a Tupperware of Kirkland Nonfat Greek Yogurt with gooseberries, a dollop of local peach jam, and a spoonful of peanut butter. It needed more texture but I scarfed it down anyway.

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May Challenge: Alcohol Free

Yes that’s right! My challenge for May is to go alcohol free for the entire month. Ever since I went off to San Diego for Spring Break I feel like I’ve been drinking more and more often.

Spring Break Fun

Toasting Spring Break Goodbye

Wine-o Dinner Parties

Just Celebrating the Weekend

I used to just drink 2-3 times a month so all this consumption is abnormal and honestly, way too high in calories! Moderation is the key to everything. This includes kombuchas which contain trace amounts of alcohol.

So I intend to use this month to reset! ! Plus it’s always a good reminder that you can still have fun without alcohol. =)

Who’s with me?

Ja matta, Spring Break

Ja matta = see you later in Japanese

That’s right, I’ve been watching anime with Chase and suddenly my interest in the Japanese language has come back! I kind of wish I’d finished my Japanese degree, but alas, it was not to be.

Japanese aside, I went a little crazy yesterday at saying sayonara to Spring Break.


The morning started off controlled enough. I was up early and eating a breakfast of Weetabix, 1/2 banana, toasted walnuts, and craisins, before heading to the hospital to delivery trays. I put in my two-weeks notice to them on Friday. I just don’t feel like I get anything out of the experience and am going to get  plenty of clinical hours now that I’m working for Carole.

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Aw today was a good day. When I’m not waiting around to hear from people I get so much done!! Seriously, from now on I either have plans or I don’t. None of this maybe!


I slept in until my body was ready to start the day around 9:30am. I think Ophelia’s forgiven me for my vacation now and is thus allowing me to sleep more. ❤ She’s such an angel. ~.^

For a couple weeks now I’ve had a craving for pancakes. Not just any pancakes though, Kodiak Cakes! I finally got another box of mix yesterday so this morning I was ready to take the time to make a 1/3 cup, top them with fresh strawberries, maple syrup, a touch of real butter, and toasted walnuts with a glass of milk to wash it all down of course. MMmm! I never ever thought I would be a pancake lover until I found Kodiaks.

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Making Do

I was up early today to get ready for a day with my best friend. I could have made time for a workout but to be honest my right foot is acting up again. =/


Instead I got all dolled up and ate breakfast. Weetabix with fresh strawberries and raw almonds. ^_^ Oh how I missed you.

Then unfortunately Ashton had to cancel on me because poor Neea is teething. =( I should have just put on my workout clothes and went and got all sweaty but because I’d taken so much time to get ready I didn’t want to ruin it yet where there still could be plans later.

Instead I got some work done, cleaned, and watched TV.

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