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Aww Saturday. How I will miss having nothing to do on Saturdays. ❤


Started around 7am with 3/4ths of a bagel covered with peanut butter, raspberry freezer jam, and my dad’s newly made plum jam. I was too full to eat the other 1/4th. I know I’m totally going overboard by making both halves when I used to just make one!

With my morning I got myself out there and did some errands. Got a few things at Target, went to Michael’s and bought the correct needles for my cross-stitch, and browsed Barnes & Nobel just for funsies.

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Full of Green

Ug. I need a wordless. Thanks! I just need to relax. -_-

DSC00749 photo (1)-3  photo-8photo (2)-2 DSC00750


Promise words tomorrow! ❤

Edit: Wow. So I’m flying back to MT tomorrow for a full month! O.O More tomorrow..


I could have slept all morning I was so exhausted but Ophelia and Vinni wouldn’t have any of it. Seriously, I never should have taught them talking was okay. -_-


By 9:30am I was out of bed and preparing a simple breakfast of (again) PB&J on a tortilla with ice cold milk. Yeah, I’m just waiting for my big CSA to arrive on Friday so I will have greens for smoothies again!

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On Fire

./Big yawn

Today managed to be exhausting!


It started with me having to get up an hour earlier than my normal Saturday since the office was opening at 9am instead of 10. It’s been a real pain to get up this past week…my body just wants more sleep! I did though, showered, got ready, and sat down for some cold breakfast. Weetabix, fresh raspberries, raisins, and toasted walnuts. Surprised?

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No Hunger

So my new allergy pills have the side effect of “loss of appetite” which sounds like a good thing right? Well..I’m having issues with it now.


Breakfast for example was a hodge podge of things instead of my usual big hearty meal. I finally got to try a Chobani Flip in Key Lime Crumble flavor, along with a hard boiled egg and an orange. The Flip was tasty and Vinni approved, but a little too sweet. Something decent for when you’re really in the mood for a treat.

After this small breakfast, I hit the gym for a sweaty 60 minute hill stationary bike. I was going to go 30 more minutes to make up for taking Monday off but honestly my body screamed no.

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Skimping By

Ug! I wish I could tell you all that my ordeal with the bus company was fixed today, but it was not. After a lot of phone calls I eventually just went to my credit card company and filed a dispute. Let me just say it’s not okay to take someone’s money and not give them what they paid for! It’s even less okay to then tell them they don’t have the authority to ask for it back. –_-

With this whole bus thing falling through, I’m very happy that I have a new carpool buddy in my new friend, Danae!

20120926-NOW 001

I was up early this morning to make it to the bus on time though. I decided it was way too early for a workout so I just showered and ate a very simple breakfast of 1/2 cup (and the very last) of the Cranapple oil free granola with skim milk, a cut-up pluot, and a sprinkle of walnuts. Not very heavy but…

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Today was a day filled with “firsts” for me. ~.^

20120924-NOW 001

Nope not with breakfast. I’ve had cereal many many times in my life. This bowl was with the last of the Kashi 7 Grain Puffs and a 1/2 cup of Oil Free Cranberry Apple Granola my mum got me at a Farmer’s Market in Idaho awhile back. I topped it with a pluot and a sprinkle of toasted walnuts. It surprisingly held me over until lunch!

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Healthy Eating Out?

So yesterday was packed full of eating out! Crazy, right? I tried to make the best decisions I could but I am still ready to just eat at home today.

20120809-NOW 001

As normal, it started off right. Big ol’ bowl of Greek yogurt topped with chia, banana, raw oats, sunflower seed butter, and a pinch of butterscotch chips since I knew I needed another texture in there but am sadly out of dried fruit. (gasp) Turns out not really a fan of butterscotch chips. =P I better get my butt down to TJ’s today and find some amazing dried fruit.

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