I feel pretty pleased with myself today. I took photos of absolutely everything I ate. Lately I’ve been letting nibbles here and there slide and it’s not helping me stay honest with myself.


This morning I had a breakfast of a Starbucks Greek yogurt with honey parfait, mixed with canned pumpkin, pumpkin spice, a spoonful of drippy almond butter, and dried cranberries.

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Pacific Soup Giveaway!!

Well my appetite is coming back. I’m taking that as a good sign that I am seriously getting better. I had a lot less of a cough today and blew my nose less. BUT I now have a lot of head pain and pressure. Whatever I can’t win.


My green smoothie this morning was exceptionally good though. I replaced the cup of milk with a cup of Evolution Apple Carrot juice and boy did it make this smoothie pop! Blended with nonfat vanilla yogurt, spinach, frozen banana, and fish oil. Yum-o.

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That Old Seasonal Game

I feel like I’m playing a game with my allergies. =( Will they win or will I? Today I’d like to think I did!


After having a really crazy strange dream where I woke up clutching my side, convinced I had a large gaping wound across it, (don’t ask!) I had a lovely breakfast of Weetabix, banana, toasted walnuts, and raisins. (I just realized I’m not 100% sure they even carry Weetabix back in my hometown in MT! O.O I better bring a box when we go on vacation!)

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Ug. I didn’t eat so well today and thanks to that my tummy is hurting.


But first let me show off this adorable little 40 mL bottle of Hello Kitty maple syrup my amazing lab partner, Ilona, brought me back from her mini-trip to Victoria, B.C.! Wasn’t that sweet of her?! I need to go on more trips so I can surprise people with gifts too. ^_^ Totally lifted up my morning.

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I’ve Got a Theory

I’ve got a theory that I’m going to be exhausted at the end of the day for the rest of the quarter. Boy am I tired!


Every morning at 6am. This morning there was no jumping out of bed. Instead my alarm, “The Final Countdown”, invaded my dreams and I awoke very very confused.

I couldn’t even workup the energy to put breakfast in a real bowl today. Instead I dumped 1/2 cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 1/2 a pear, a spoonful of almond butter, and a dash of raisins into the last of low-fat yogurt container. Nom nom.

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Surprise Day

Today turned out to be surprisingly refreshing and laid-back. Win and I have decided that perhaps we tried to pack too much into our Spring Break vacation week. >.< We just keep feeling like we are rushing everywhere!

This morning I got to sleep in while Win took her car in for an oil change though. Gods I love sleep. I am so exhausted by the end of the day here the nights just don't seem long enough. By 9am it was go-go-go again though.

We had a brunch with my sweetest reader, Heidi, to get to at The Mission of course! Heidi was the first person to suggest me eating there two years ago and since then it's become one of my favorite places in San Diego. Of course, The Mission being as amazing as it is we had a lonngg wait. Brunch turned into lunch but when we finally sat down it was well worth the wait.

She Lives!!

That’s right, folks. Ripley had a heart transplant this afternoon and is now running optimally again! I’d like to thank my generous mother for helping me get her back under warranty so if this should happen again it’s a less hectic fix!

IMG_0612 This morning I was up early to get in some last minute studying for my A&P lab practical. I first ate a wholesome breakfast of Wheetabix, blueberries, toasted walnuts, and raisins. Need to get another box soon. ~.^ Then I was off to school for my first final.

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