Overfed Christmas

Oh boy was this Christmas filled with a lot of food. >.<


It started with  me getting up at 8am, hungry. Sadly our plans were to eat “brunch” at my mom’s at 11…so instead of making a hearty healthy breakfast of oatmeal I ended up grabbing an Eggnog Boston Cream donut and enjoyed it with a cup of Thanksgiving Blend Starbucks coffee. It was super super delicious, but as we all know, not that filling.

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Wow. While I’m writing this I’m packing to go back to WA! I can’t believe how fast a month flew by.


After an intense 60 minute lap swim yesterday, I came home to half a plain bagel with peanut butter and local peach jam with a glass of milk, while I read the paper on quinoa being grown in MT! Crazy. It’ll be very interesting if it works.

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Welcome Home

Well we made it back home to Montana in case you all were worried. ^_^ It was actually a fun drive since we took turns the whole way (sometimes we just have one person drive going there, one going back…which is not fun) and sang almost the whole time.


Before the late trip (we got to Missoula around 3am so we didn’t leave until about 7pm), I woke up early (at 8am!) and got my day started! I was too excited to sleep. =P Instead I had a nice cold bowl of Weetabix, fresh raspberries, dried cherries, and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter.

While I was digesting I noticed how freakishly warm it was already getting outside…..so I quickly threw on my workout gear and hit the gym for a 30 minute interval treadmill run @ 2.0 incline. Phew! It was hot and hard but having my workout done before 9am was kind of awesome.

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Ja matta, Spring Break

Ja matta = see you later in Japanese

That’s right, I’ve been watching anime with Chase and suddenly my interest in the Japanese language has come back! I kind of wish I’d finished my Japanese degree, but alas, it was not to be.

Japanese aside, I went a little crazy yesterday at saying sayonara to Spring Break.


The morning started off controlled enough. I was up early and eating a breakfast of Weetabix, 1/2 banana, toasted walnuts, and craisins, before heading to the hospital to delivery trays. I put in my two-weeks notice to them on Friday. I just don’t feel like I get anything out of the experience and am going to get  plenty of clinical hours now that I’m working for Carole.

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