Raspberry Lemon Goodness

And now we are finally on the correct day! =D Okay I may have stopped working on my big end stage renal disease case study to do this…but ya gotta have priorities right?!

This morning I was very excited to try the new Starbucks Greek yogurt raspberry lemon parfait, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough by itself so I had somewhat of a hodge podge of things. Hard boiled egg, banana and peanut butter, and finished off the Evolution Pineapple Coconut Water.

First off: wow. This parfait is amazing. Tart raspberry plus creamy lemon = perfection. It is a little higher in calories than the other two parfaits though by about 100 kcals. Totally worth it in my opinion.

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Coming Clean

photo 1-66

So I’ve found some old photos to share from my phone. By “old” I mean last week but still.

I guess some of the stuff I haven’t been sharing has been to do with me figuring out who I am. I know this isn’t about food so some of you may not care so please scroll on past to the food pictures, but this is the place I get some therapeutic sharing out there for the world to see.

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Ravenous Cold

So Win and I have both noticed that we are extremely hungry here in Montana. Seriously, is it the cold or just the change in the types of foods we’ve been eating?


Yesterday I had donuts for breakfast one last time. Cinnamon and sugar cake donut, and a nub of the maple bar that was left along with coffee. Totally not what I wanted, but I have no breakfast foods here! As soon as I vowed to hit up the grocery store, a huge box of fresh fruit came as a gift. Well that’s something I can work with…

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In Good Company


It felt great to sleep in a little today. And by a little, I mean 8:30am. ^_^ I guess the “great” part was that I awoke on my own not by being smashed by kitten faces!

I then had a bowl of Weetabix with a cut up not ripe enough banana and 2 tablespoons of my all time favorite Treasure Trove Trail Mix which I nabbed from the Good Food Store while we were in Missoula. I don’t know what it was but this bowl tasted like nothing!!! Seriously. It was disappointing. I think I need to toast some nuts and let those bananas mature a bit.

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Out of Time

Man, I just feel like there was not enough time today! I need to space out my studying over my weekend better, because leaving it all for today was just rough. I did myself a favor and got up before 9am.

20130114-NOW 003

Even though I had the time to cook a hot breakfast today I went with what I wanted instead: toasted homemade wheat bread topped with chocolate cherry almond butter on one and TJ’s crunchy PB on the other and banana. Washed down with a mug’o milk, of course. Some days it’s just all about the nut butter!

Once my food was settled enough and I finished typing up yesterday’s post, I hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride followed by another session of strength training. I’m trying to incorporate more strength days so Saturday/Monday is my new thing.

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Take Your GF to Work Day

Yesterday was pretty…different.

20130113-NOW 001

I got up early, showered, and ate blueberry overnight oats topped with a spoonful of chocolate cherry almond butter and golden raisins. Then…

…headed to Chase’s work! Yep, I spent all of Sunday working with him. But why would I do a silly thing like that on my day off?

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Cramming Again

Well it is that cramming time of year again. I was up till 1am last night re-reading all my posts I made in December of last year, and yes, apparently I tend to cram for finals in the same way. ^_^ Long hours of notes and lots of food.

20121202-NOW 001

I started my morning off right with breakfast. From seeing photos from last year of delicious eggs and toast I knew that’s what I was having…however mine did not turn out so delicious. =/ I sautéed some green cabbage and parsley (from  my CSA) in butter then added some egg whites and goat cheese. For toast, I had English muffin with orange marmalade. I only ate about half the eggs….they just didn’t taste very good! I think I’m over egg whites and I may have used way too much parsley. >.<

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Bad Greens

So I mentioned how drowsy I became yesterday right?

20120928-NOW 003

Well I got up at 9 am this morning, made this bowl of pumpkin GF hot cereal topped with maple syrup, sunflower seed butter, toasted walnuts, and dried cherries, ate it quickly and decided the sunflower seed butter masked the pumpkin too much, then went and fell right back asleep until 1pm.

Yes that’s right. For some reason my body needed that much sleep. At 1 I forced myself out of bed and into the shower to really wake me up.

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An Awesome Party

Sorry this post is so late but we have been none stop busy! I’m back home in Seattle now so I have time to recap. The day of my cousin Mark’s wedding started off with my favorite cousin:

20120902-NOW 001

Raiden! We met him, Chris, and Gloria for brunch at Din Tai Fung Dumpling House in Arcadia, CA for my first taste of vegetarian dim sum.

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