Not Perfection

Well I have been a busy girl since last I posted! Luckily I did not lose my camera so I can catch up!


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After a fun night of drinking (3 glasses of wine), I always feel like a hot eggy breakfast at work. So I grabbed myself a Spinach Feta Wrap and an Evolution Super Green juice and felt so much better.

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Full Day

Today was a packed full day.

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It started with me not being able to stay asleep. I awoke at 1am…I awoke at 3am..I then awoke again at 5am and gave up. -_- Sleep did not want me. I can’t even blame the babies for it this time.

For breakfast I made a green smoothie with Evolution Apple Carrot Juice, fresh spinach, low fat vanilla yogurt, frozen mango chunks, and fish oil. To be honest….this one tasted…fishy. Yeah. I slurped it down but I didn’t exactly enjoy it.

Since I ate so damn early…of course it wasn’t going to hold me over until lunch time. So around 7am I had a heated up roll with some huckleberry jam smashed inside. Delicious!

Around 9:30am I ate some orange slices while I worked on some homework in the cafeteria.

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Lots More Eating Out

Well I made it back safely to the Seattle area and now I’m just non-stop working and trying to prepare for school on Monday. Oh, and I’m still sick. -_- Let me catch you all up.


photo 1-47

I woke up to this beautiful bug stretched across my entire body. I’m sure going to miss her. I’m glad she’s doing so well though. Tammy, on the other hand, is being put down this coming Monday. =(

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Last Classes

Sorry I was MIA last night! You’ll see why I had no time to post. =(



I started my day off with another green smoothie! I’m obsessed with these right now. They are so good I don’t even change up the ingredients though I know I should for more variety and to just play around with it. Spinach, yogurt, milk, frozen mango, frozen banana, fresh lemon juice, fish oil, and coconut oil. It makes about 1.5 of my little to go-cups and is sooo smooth, creamy, and refreshing.

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Great Wheel

Ok guys, it appears that I need a break. =/ I just don’t even have time to cry so I don’t have time to blog then either! I wanted to show you my Sunday because it was pretty special but then I’m gonna be gone for at least a week.


Sunday started off with a lovely bowl of pumpkin oats topped with a spoonful of TJ’s Pumpkin Butter and craisins. Loved the warmth it brought me.

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Still Playing Catch-up

So…clearly I’ve been gone. It’s been a very rough time again. =/ This time it was more personal issues that I’m definitely not going to go into so I’ll just say bare with me? I’m going to try and piece together what I ate over the last few days.



Started off around 3:30am with half a pear.

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Tears and Scares

Yesterday started really badly, but ended well. I guess that’s better than the other way around right?

Anyway I woke up with puffy eyes and a sadness in my heart.

photo 1-10

I think my boss could tell I was not all there today. She let me have my 10 minute break pretty darn early where I consumed an attempt at a chocolate orange espresso drink. Three shots with freeze dried orange slices that have been steeped in hot water and a pump of mocha. I also ended up adding a splash of half and half because man was the orange water STRONG. I couldn’t drink the whole thing but it was a nice idea.

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Day at Home


Yesterday started off pretty late with a batch of Kodiak Cakes turned into Hello Kitty waffles! I topped mine with a little butter, maple syrup, toasted walnuts, and dried tart cherries. Ok waffles are definitely not my favorite thing since I like things thin. Chase loved them though and ate two whole batches! Yay for getting my man to eat whole grains!

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