Overfed Christmas

Oh boy was this Christmas filled with a lot of food. >.<


It started with  me getting up at 8am, hungry. Sadly our plans were to eat “brunch” at my mom’s at 11…so instead of making a hearty healthy breakfast of oatmeal I ended up grabbing an Eggnog Boston Cream donut and enjoyed it with a cup of Thanksgiving Blend Starbucks coffee. It was super super delicious, but as we all know, not that filling.

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Life Progress

Hey all! I’m still here. =) Just had some more rough times. Yeah I know, get used to it right? Well I’m here to catch you all up!



Started with a delectable smoothie: spinach, yogurt, milk, frozen mango, fish oil, coconut oil. I really do like smoothies. I was feeling like something light since that huge piece of pizza the night before really sat with me.

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PMS Funk

Man yesterday was bad. Worse than Monday, and that’s saying a lot. It started with me waking up in the middle of the night due to abdominal pain. Nothing serious, just that time of the month. Eventually when  my swim alarm went off I knew I wouldn’t be able to swim in the condition I was in, so I tried to get more sleep. Nope. Too much pain. So I got up and headed to Dave’s (where my makeup is!) to get ready for the day.


Breakfast that I knew I needed but didn’t really want: Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal with NatureBox Blueberry Almonds and dried blueberries.

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A Sunday in Bed

So I’m not going to have much time to write tomorrow morning (office donut run followed by interviews), so I figured I’d just get you all caught up on my life tonight. ^_^ Hope you don’t mind.

This morning I was up super early (5:25am) to get my dad to the airport. He’s off back to California for my cousin’s wedding! Clearly, I was needed here so I sent him off with orders to take pictures of (at least) the bride (my cousin, Diana!) and the cake. ~.^


When I got back home I climbed back into bed until 8:30 am when I woke up ready for breakfast. It was rainy and cold out so I felt like a hot breakfast of toasted sesame seed bagel with peanut butter and two kinds of jam, raspberry freezer jam and local peach jam. All washed down with a big mug of 1% milk.

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As promised, a real post with words! O This morning I enjoyed sleeping in (again!) until after 10am. I know I should be getting used to waking up early again due to the new quarter starting soon but…it feels so good! The new quarter can wait until Monday.


Finally I was forced out of bed by a hungry tummy. I made a simple breakfast with low-fat yogurt, fresh strawberries, orange segments, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, raisins, and drippy almond butter. It was excellent though Vinni didn’t agree. Have I mentioned I have raised two yogurt-snobs!? They only like Greek yogurt now. -_- Seriously, I set my bowl on the floor and he looked at me like “Are you kidding? No way am I touching that..” Brat. Stare-Left

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Today has been an extremely long day. Forgive me if this post is boring but I just don’t have the energy to be interesting!


It started at 6am with a breakfast of homemade spelt bread slathered with crunchy sunflower seed butter, raspberry jam, and banana (the rest of the banana was enjoyed on the side) plus a glass of ice cold milk.

Then I was off to the gym for a sweaty 30 minute treadmill interval run at 0.5 incline. I really think I need a new workout. I just don’t feel like it’s challenging me anymore (besides my leg muscles!).

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That’s the word that came to mind once I looked at all the pictures of food I’d eaten today! Let’s just say it’s probably not the best idea to only eat dessert for a meal. It makes me ravenous later. I knew this but sometimes these things happen.


Anyway I got to sleep in until almost 8am this morning! It felt so nice. Once I did get up I had something completely new for breakfast: Weetabix! That’s right. That somewhat odd British cereal that comes in the form of grain bars. I put two of them in milk and topped them with a banana and sunflower seed butter. The first bite was decent, however after the first bite all the milk rushes into the bars and they become a soggy mess. I did not like the texture! Just so…mushy. I ended up adding some dried fruit to the bowl to give it a little more chew.

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