Arg. It’s so hard playing catch-up like this. =/ Are you sure you guys really care what I eat? My photos have gone sooo downhill since I just don’t have time to make things pretty anymore.

Sunday was super rough because at 7am I got a call from my shift leader asking if I could come into work early since someone went home sick. I wasn’t supposed to work until 10 am! Of course I told her I’d be there and got straight to work.

However, I didn’t have breakfast so while working, I had to slowly eat some things. I didn’t get photos (duh) but I can certainly remember:

1/4 of a vegetable & Fontiago breakfast sandwich (Meh this new sandwich is a lot heartier than the previous Vegetable Artisan sandwich, but it still isn’t very tasty IMO)

1/2 of a blueberry scone

One chocolate smoothie with two add shots

I know O.O A lot! But this was eaten over a period of hours and continually being on my feet.

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Ancho Whipped Cream

Wow. While I was sitting here trying to figure out what I should do to distract me from the large piles of work I could and should be working on, I realized I had two blog entries to catch up! Well if that wasn’t a more perfect thing to do than homework I don’t know what is. Heart So let me catch you all up!



I must admit, I dread Friday mornings because I have the worst class I’ve been a part of in a long time. It’s called Nutritional Supplements and Herbs and the teacher (who is new to the school) knows nothing about them. This teacher also talks the most I’ve ever heard while saying the least. It’s a lot of repeating non-important information. She’s also so disengaging that a lot of students end up asking the same questions and instead of telling them to pay attention she just keeps repeating herself. It’s awful!

Anyway, I HAVE to have a ghetto mocha for that class, so I prepared my stomach for the caffeine with some hearty PB&J toast. One with fig butter, one with pumpkin butter, along with a mug of milk.

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Asian Amazon

Aww Saturday. How I will miss having nothing to do on Saturdays. ❤


Started around 7am with 3/4ths of a bagel covered with peanut butter, raspberry freezer jam, and my dad’s newly made plum jam. I was too full to eat the other 1/4th. I know I’m totally going overboard by making both halves when I used to just make one!

With my morning I got myself out there and did some errands. Got a few things at Target, went to Michael’s and bought the correct needles for my cross-stitch, and browsed Barnes & Nobel just for funsies.

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Comfort Food

Well I didn’t wake up feeling 10x worse but I didn’t feel 10x better either. I did think about staying in bed all day because it felt so good to sleep but Chase reminded me how much I like making money so I dutifully crawled out of bed.

20130209-NEW 002

I thought about making a nice hot bowl of oatmeal to fill my tummy but only had the energy for my very last bowl of Weetabix mixed with 1/4 cup homemade granola, ground flax, and fresh blueberries. For those of you who were looking for Weetabix, if you can get the Weetabix USA website to load, I couldn’t, there will be a Locate option where you put your zip code in!

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Not Enough Time on My Hands

Pfft, I wish I had too much time.

Alright enough of my desires. On to the food!

This morning I had such high hopes for my breakfast. I planned it all in my head and woke up ready to execute it.

20130121-NOW 002

I present to you: Black and White Mocha Oatmeal! Please do not make it. -_- I cooked my regular oatmeal mix (1/3 cup oats, 1 tbsp. hot cereal, 1 tsp. ground flax) in a whole cup of coffee. Once cooked down I added a teaspoon of cocoa powder, a splash of maple syrup, and topped it with a spoonful of chocolate cherry almond butter and white chocolate chunks. I ate two bites….and dumped it in the garbage. BLEH! So when you cook the water out of a cup of coffee it is B-I-T-T-E-R. I should have diluted it…oh well maybe next time.

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Slump. =/

I’m having trouble finding what to write lately. I suppose I’m just kind of in that waiting-for-school-to-start slump. Plus, I keep getting headaches in the evening and I’m really not sure why. =/ I hate that. Anyway, I’ll try to make my day appear interesting.

20130106-NOW 001

The babies and I were dead to the world until about 10:30 this morning. Sleeping felt so good. I just don’t feel like I’ve been getting enough of it. Then it was breakfast time. Oddly enough there was nothing I was really excited to eat which is strange for me. =/ I ended up just doing an easy bowl of Greek yogurt, ground flax, granola chips, dried cherries, and a hidden spoonful of crunchy peanut butter.

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Holiday Baking

Ahh sleeping-in is glorious. I may have woke up 3 different times, but I rolled over and went right back to sleep just because I could. ^_^ It’s awesome having three days off right before one goes on vacation!

20121216-NOW 007

At about 10:30am I couldn’t ignore my stomach any longer however. Luckily, I had some premade pumpkin overnight oats in the fridge and I topped them with almond butter, toasted almonds, and crasins.

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