Because sometimes you have to go somewhere else…

Food Blogs

  • Daily Garnish – excellent blog of a trained chef making a life (with a new baby!) right here in Kirkland, WA.
  • Danica’s Daily– one of my all time favorite blogs because Danica is soo personable and really leads by example.
  • Kath Eats Real Food– sort of my hero since Kath is also an R.D. and takes gorgeous food photos.
  • Oh She Glows– Angela comes up with the most amazing vegan recipes.
  • The Actor’s Diet – Lynn’s blog is less of a cooking blog and more of a let’s see how the rich and famous dine! I love all her restaurant reviews.
  • The Healthy Everythingtarian – Holly is one of the best writers. Period! She is hilarious yet insightful and yes she can even cook on top of that.

Recipe Sites

  • Gina’s Skinny Recipes – a great side filled with recipes for those looking for a low-cal or non-fat alternative to their favorites.

Review Sites

  • HealthNuttxo – there are so many fun foodie products out there (not to mention expensive!) so instead of going out and buying each one I read this blog to find out if they are any good first!


  • 1000 Things About Japan– really truthful snippets on living as a foreigner in Japan. I really relate a lot to what she writes about.
  • Cake Wrecks– funny and gorgeous pictures of cakes!
  • Fail Blog – just hilarious photos/videos.
  • The Sisters K – Awesome new blog put together by my childhood friend, Karlie, and her two sisters. Lots of crafts, art, and cooking! 

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