Wordless Heavy

Gonna do a wordless for Thursday. It was a really heavy day emotionally and I’d like to take more time to talk about it than I have right now. However, today is the last day of classes!!! Just finals next week then two weeks of Spring Break!




3-photo 4

60 minute bike followed by abs


One thought on “Wordless Heavy

  1. You’re so close Robyn! Good for you for pushing through. Another quarter after spring break, right? And then that’s it? Seriously proud of your strength in finishing strong AND being so honest with yourself. I once saw somewhere (and it’s seriously the truest thing ever) that you can only have two of the following at one time: Good grades, a social life and sleep. I sort of skipped out of a social life, which I’m okay with, but it’s easy to see things tip out of balance when you start doing more or less of one thing. Keep it up, and enjoy your spring break! Yay! You deserve it ❤

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