It Can Be Done!

Not having a ton of papers to write, nor work, nor social obligations, totally allows me to have time to post!


This morning started off hard. Knowing I had plans in the evening, my workout buddy, Nick, and I agreed to meet at the gym at 6am. Boy did I feel that when I slid out of bed. On top of being tired and very sore from the previous workout, I was also very hungry! So for “breakfast” I had a banana and peanut butter with a glass of 1% milk.

Then off to the gym I went! 30 minute elliptical, 25 minute strength training, 5 minute stretch. Then I had to rush home!


And I scarfed down “second breakfast” while also trying to get ready and look nice for my final presentation in my research methods class. Second breakfast was another evol organic veggie fajita, this time with Chase’s dad’s famous BBQ sauce to give this very sad burrito some flavor. It worked but I still wish I hadn’t bought a Costco-sized pack of these!

My presentation went well and it felt so good to be done with that.


In MNT, we had a little study hall and crammed for finals. I ate this plum at the start of the class…but by 11am my stomach was growling for more food! Some days you just can’t be filled…


…until you eat a GIANT salad at Overlake Hospital! That’s right, for my Quantity Food Production class we had a tour of the kitchens at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue. Before the tour, my classmates and I decided to arrive early and try out their innovative Stanzas cafe. It was really delicious! Even though I was like WHOA O.O when I got this salad, I was hungry enough to eat every bite along with the roll. FINALLY satisfied!

The salad was really good too. Mixed greens, red onion, a little vinaigrette, blue cheese, pecans, mandarin oranges, cherry tomatoes, and dried cranberries. I loved it!


Aimee, who is pregnant, really wanted a dessert to share with the table though. ^_^ Since she drove us, I grabbed us an apricot and walnut oatmeal cookie and the whole table had little nibbles.

It was a great lunch and the tour by Chef Chris was super interesting as well. Not something I’d ever want to do but…somebody’s got to!


When I got home a little after 3pm I enjoyed a glass of moscato on this beautifully sunny spring day! Seriously, we (the kittens and I) opened up all the windows and let the light and air in. It felt great!

The rest of the evening was spent with my friend, Chris, playing Magic, watching geeky TV shows, and just relaxing. He knows how super stressed out with school I’ve been, so it was really sweet of him to help me have a night off.


Once he left around 8pm, I made myself a yummy dinner. Two egg omelet filled with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, fresh cilantro, and a pinch of shredded cheddar cheese. On the side I had to have some cornbread! Okay, I ended up grabbing another piece when I wasn’t satisfied. I seriously am gonna have to make another loaf.

Anyway, it turned out to be a really great day and I still fit everything I needed to into my schedule. It can be done!

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