Arg. It’s so hard playing catch-up like this. =/ Are you sure you guys really care what I eat? My photos have gone sooo downhill since I just don’t have time to make things pretty anymore.

Sunday was super rough because at 7am I got a call from my shift leader asking if I could come into work early since someone went home sick. I wasn’t supposed to work until 10 am! Of course I told her I’d be there and got straight to work.

However, I didn’t have breakfast so while working, I had to slowly eat some things. I didn’t get photos (duh) but I can certainly remember:

1/4 of a vegetable & Fontiago breakfast sandwich (Meh this new sandwich is a lot heartier than the previous Vegetable Artisan sandwich, but it still isn’t very tasty IMO)

1/2 of a blueberry scone

One chocolate smoothie with two add shots

I know O.O A lot! But this was eaten over a period of hours and continually being on my feet.

4-photo 1 (1)

Finally around 1pm it was my lunch time. I scarfed down this salad of spinach, beans, rice, cheese, and red onions. Drank water to stay hydrated.

5-photo 2

I wasn’t satisfied though so I also snacked on kaki pi.

When I finally got off work around 4pm, I knew I had to head straight to the gym or I would never go. I felt like I was going to drop already…I made it though and did a 60 minute bike with Nick. 


When I got home, I knew I needed a drink. I sipped on some umeshu and snacked some more while I got dinner ready. I was sstarrvvinng.


Dinner really lacked in color but I hadn’t made it to the store yet. I also dropped a lot of it on the ground (hence Vinni at my feet). I was sooo tired. Let’s see it was, sprouted brown rice and quinoa, rice sprinkle of nori and egg, smoked salmon, and pickled ginger.


I wasn’t satisfied though. In fact, I dumped out my umeshu (apparently didn’t feel like drinking) and drank two glasses of milk with two bags of lemoncello almonds. Yum yum. I think I also ended up snacking on some unpictured popcorn..

My whole eating was off!



Monday morning came all too early. Seriously. Day Light Savings is a bitch.

Breakfast was an easy bowl of Weetabix with cut up plum, dried cranberries, and almonds.


Still having not made it to the store, my lunch was a little pathetic. I bought this pack of evol Organic Veggie Fajita Burrito at Costco in case of emergencies, and this was definitely one! Enjoyed with a plum of course (because I also bought 4 lbs. of plums at Costco thinking that was a good idea…). Gah. I knew I shouldn’t have bought a Costco-size of a product I wasn’t sure I liked. These burritos are tasteless!!


To make my mouth happier I had a little baggie of lemoncello almonds.


Finally, after school, I hit up Starbucks to pickup my tips (and drink an Evolution Super Green juice) then head to the grocery store! Once home, I ate a banana and peanut butter.

Can you see the little surprise in the background?


That’s right, when this girl gets a hankering for some good ol’ corn bread…she goes out and buys Bob’s Red Mill Stone Ground Cornbread Mix and makes some! With diced jalapeno mixed in and topped with shredded cheddar cheese. ~.^ Holy yum. Exactly what I wanted. I ate two big pieces with milk around 5pm.

At 6pm I hit the gym for two hours! One hour strength training followed by 45 minute biking and additional stretching.


By the time I got home it was after 8pm. For dinner I scrambled up one egg and mixed it with the leftover okra and marinara sauce. Plus one last hunk of cornbread…I’m obsessed with this stuff. It’s especially good with the garlic pepper jelly. ~.^

Anyway got a presentation to work on!

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