Chocolate Day

I’m not falling back behind yet! HA!


This morning was..Tuesday. Right? Yes. It was Tuesday. I woke up with my arm asleep above my head. This is a new habit for me and I don’t understand why I do it. I never used to have dead arms waking up! It’s very uncomfortable. -_-

For breakfast I went with Weetabix, plum, toasted cashews, and dried cranberries. Man I love how easy cereal is and how satisfied it makes me. The babies absolutely love it too. They lick my bowl clean.


By 10 am though I was feeling hungry so I ate another plum from my lunch and picked at this overly burnt spiced baked chickpeas. Should I probably just throw them out? Yeah…but I’m too stingy to do that! I did throw out the really burnt ones from this bag though..


When lunch hit I was already hungry again and devoured this salad: kale, black beans, raw cauliflower, black olives, and red pepper vinaigrette. It went deliciously well with a piece of my amazing corn bread. ❤ Seriously, I may just keep baking cornbread until I can’t stand it anymore.


On Tuesday’s we have our Advanced Nutrition Principles lecture…which for some reason always makes all of us want to snack on chocolate. I ate my baggie of lemoncello almonds…and then my classmate, Aimee, gave me two pieces of this amazing milk chocolate hazelnut crunch! Oh boy…I ate both. They were that good. Luckily, that was our very last lecture so no more chocolate smorgasbords!

After school I had some errands to run:

  • Post office for returns
  • Costco for gas
  • Furniture store to get my “Client Feedback Form” from my friend Amanda for my very last Nutritional Counseling paper
  • Lastly, the gym for a 45 minute stationary bike!

Did I mention my whole body is sore today from all the weights Nick and I did yesterday!? That’s why it was okay with me to cut my workout a little short. I was in pain!


When I got home around 5pm I wanted to just gorge on cornbread. However, I’m slowly getting smarter so instead I grabbed some raw broccoli and cauliflower and the last of the ranch. Man! I love this snack! It tastes good; it feels good.

Plus it let me have another hour to get my stuff in order (clean kitchen, go through mail, vacuum, ect.) before eating dinner. Since I’d gorged on veggies, I decided it was okay to have what I was craving for dinner: 2% Mango Chobani yogurt mixed with a banana, almonds, and dried cranberries….plus a piece of cornbread. Mmm mm! 


The rest of the evening was spent writing my very last paper and working on the presentation I need to give tomorrow. Eventually I got peckish so I made some green tea and ate some kaki pi. Two pieces of chocolate were also consumed…man chocolate and me today.

Later I had a small little glass of Kahlua with a splash of milk. Some nights you just need a nightcap!

Anyway, Nick and I have plans to workout early tomorrow so I’m gonna slip into bed. Night!

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