Stress Melt Down

Well guys..I’ve recently had another melt down so I’m finding it hard to find time to blog. I can hardly remember most days now, let alone what I eat. =( Let me try to catch up and spark my memory



Friday morning started off bright and early with a yogurt bowl of Chobani Mango 2% Greek yogurt, a cut up plum, raw oats, and almonds and dried cranberries. Not gonna lie…just looking at this makes me want to eat it right now!

I then headed to class to watch half my classmates present their supplement company research projects. Boring. -_-


In class I chugged down water and ate the last baggie of dried cinnamon apple chips and raw almonds. I also received the cutest invitation to my classmate’s birthday party! Sadly I won’t be able to make it since I open the next day. =( Still nice to be invited. Plus, love the idea of bringing back the physical invitation to a party. ^_^


When I got home around noon I ate the Indian leftovers while I looked at the ad for QFC, trying to plan out my next meals.


To cool off the fire in my mouth I finished my lunch with a Chobani Greek  yogurt with a spoonful of peanut butter.

Then I was off to the doctor’s. =( That’s right, I’m finally feeling bad enough with this sinus infection (I’ve had since New Year’s) that I went in for antibiotics. Hopefully now I can finally get better. I felt flushed with a fever all morning.

 1-photo 1

Next in my busy life: meeting up with my coworker Kristen for a pedicure! Here’s us trying to decide what color to get. We ended up both getting shellac so it should last a good while! It was so nice to get to sit and talk to her and find out about her life. We are very similar in a lot of ways and she may be a possible roommate for next year! 

1-photo 3 (3)

The toes! I went with a green that apparently looks more aqua…it was such a nice time. Right after nails I was off to the salon to get my hair cut! I don’t have any pictures (I’m also fighting a constant cold sore attack at the moment), but I promise to post one soon.

Straight from the hair appointment, after picking up my medications, I hit the road to go spend the evening with my favorite family, Hugh and Adaira! (And their daughter, Gwen. ~.^)

1-photo 2 (2)

We ate sushi and dango (two sticks for me) and just had a good time being relaxed old shut-ins.

2-photo 3 (2)

Seriously, we watched Catching Fire and did crafts. ^_^ Look how cute my cow is!?

From there, around 10:30pm, I headed to my usual Friday night party to sell a ticket for Emerald City Comic Con to a friend. I was drawn in, even though I hadn’t planned on staying, but when I when I realized how not good my body felt I told them all sorry and left. It felt good to make a healthy decision for myself even though the social part of me wanted to stay and be friendly.

I was in bed before midnight which is a record for Friday nights for me!!



I worked at 8am on Saturday, but I came in a little early to have some free breakfast. You see, we’ve launched some new breakfast sandwiches and we have to sample them so why not get a free meal out of it right? This is our new Slow Roasted Ham and Swiss sandwich (minus the ham of course) along with a double short ristretto Americano with one honey and cardamom.

The verdict? Meh. Not that tasty but certainly buttery (it’s on a freaking croissant!). Definitely not something I would want to eat again.

1-photo 1 (1)

It was a damn busy morning (we were slammed!) so when I got my 10 minute break I knew I better fuel up because who knows when I’ll eat again! I sipped on some passion iced tea and ate a Trio bar.

2-photo 2 (3)

I got my lunch around 12:30pm though and I wasn’t terribly hungry for it. I ate about half of my salad ( same one I ate all week for lunch) along with a orange refresher with passion tea instead of water, and half of the sunflower cookie in the back. >.< Darn cookies are good!

I was off at 4pm and I headed straight to the gym for a 30 minute lap swim. I couldn’t complete my normal swim because: while I’m swimming, I’m thinking. Right now all I have to think about is all the the things I need to do for school before the end of the quarter. This made me so freaking stressed. No wonder this cold sore keeps trying to come through. My stress levels are through the roof. I got out and headed home to get some things done.

On my drive home, I cried. Stress cries are my favorite thing apparently.

3-photo 4

I made myself eat dinner still though. Sprouted brown rice and quinoa topped with a rice sprinkle (nori, dehydrated egg, other seasonings), smoked salmon, pickled ginger, and a 1/4 of an avocado. It was a small dinner but when I’m stressed I don’t have much of an appetite.

4-photo 5 

I do have some want-to-binge tendencies though. I noticed that while I worked on my things (completed one paper then got to work on catching up on reading) that all I wanted to do was go to the store and buy Wheat Thins so I could eat the whole box. I didn’t feel hunger…just stress and agitation. I wanted to use those Wheat Thins to numb. I didn’t let myself go buy them though.

Instead I did eat a dessert of the last stick of dango and eventually some tea.

Edit: I forgot to tell you all that after this meltdown I cancelled all my upcoming social plans until Spring Break. I need to focus and just telling everyone that I wasn’t available until March 21st really helped me feel like I CAN get through this. =) Looking out for myself.


3 thoughts on “Stress Melt Down

  1. Stress crying!! Hopefully you felt some relief afterwards??? I know I always do, I know it’s easier said then done but just keep reminding yourself this too shall pass…no trial we face in our life will not just keep going there will be a conclusion, does that make sense? I know you will be okay, and I’m so proud of you for being present in the moment when you wanted to go to own on wheat thins but “Chose” not too instead you let yourself feel the feeling and adjusted. To me that is big time progress! Be soooo proud of yourself, I know I am! Hang in there chica 😃

    • Heidi said it all, proud if you for remembering to focus just on what you need to do right now even though it feels like a million pounds are suddenly loaded onto your shoulders. Sometimes it hits takes recognizing and sitting with the stress and worry for it to pass…and it WILL. Be well Robyn. You’re stronger than you feel right now and you are really doing great ❤

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