Rainy Friends

I know it’s my own fault that my life is so go-go-go. But for some reason I’m having trouble changing that. Perhaps it’s because I’m afraid if I don’t hang out with people, I’ll lose friends fast (like in The Sims! Did anyone else grow up playing that game? It’s apparently scarred me for life.).

Well let me try to get you up to date, at least for Thursday.


Up early and had an old favorite: oatmeal with mixed berries and chia seeds cooked in and topped with a spoonful of peanut butter and dried cranberries. Mm! I always forget how much this satisfies me.

I thought about sitting around and doing some homework reading..then had this idea that I could do that reading on the bike!! Sadly, at that time in the morning, it takes double the time to get to my gym due to traffic. -_- So I only got in a 30 minute bike before I had to head back home to get ready for class. Oh well. Better than nothing!


At lunch time I was so not feeling my lunch (same thing I’d had the past few days), so I grabbed a falafel sandwich. Holy freaking yum. Why do I love falafel at Bastyr so much when I hate it everywhere else!? This was exactly what I wanted.


It had some sriracha mayo in it though so I did need my cottage cheese, applesauce, and cinnamon to put out the small fire in my mouth. Love this combo, though it does look like hell!

2-photo 1

Before work started I sipped on a double short ristretto Americano with one pump of some sort of sweetener and a splash of breve.

5-photo 2 (1)

On my 10 minute break around 5:30pm I ate a banana with PB&Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams and sipped down a tall iced soy green tea latte no classic. I could have had a free sandwich (we have to try all our new products!) but I was saving room..


Because I had to pick up my friend, Martin, at SeaTac and then take him to dinner! We went to Moksha in Bellevue since neither of us have had much Indian food! (He’s from Alaska). It was totally fun to talk to the waitress and tell her we knew nothing so she helped us order. We ended up sharing some  Pan-roasted Indian Baby Eggplant: Whole baby eggplants, sautéed in a spicy peanut-coconut sauce with ginger, coriander, garlic & star anise. Along with some garlic naan and a trio of chutneys! I was surprisingly not starving and the dish was a little too spicy for me so I ate mostly half the naan.

Wow what a whirlwind of a day that was. Just thinking about all the driving (in a huge rainstorm) makes me tired.

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