Hostess with the Mostess?

So Thursday morning the babies had me up at 6am. They didn’t care that I didn’t have class until 10am. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just bug our guest on the couch instead of me! Is that bad hostess-thinking? =p


Anyway, I got up and made us all breakfast. Green smoothies! Martin had never had a green smoothie so I had to show him the light. Inside was milk, spinach, frozen banana, frozen mango chunks, and coconut oil. Delicious! He thought it was just okay, but this guy is annoyingly under impressed so whatever. =P


I then went off to class for two hours and snacked on some dried apricots and almonds.


When I got home at noon I was soo hungry for lunch! Martin wanted Thai so I decided to finally try the Thai place, Noppakao, which I always have a coupon for and intend to try but never do. Their lunch menu is extremely reasonably priced! I got my usual phad see-ew with tofu to see how theirs compared. Meh, it was decent but not my favorite! I ate about half (picked out all the veggies and tofu) and took the rest home for dinner.

Then we were driving all over the place! Up to Everett to see our friend’s Hugh and Adaira then all the way back down I5 South to get near the airport and…

Go shopping! The main reason Martin was here was to get some clothes that fit! You see, this guy has lost 90 lbs and finally wanted to stop pulling up his pants. Knowing how that feels, I offered to help him. ^_^ We found a very nice pair of slacks, dress shirt, jeans, and a tie. Success!


Around 5pm we stopped at Jamba Juice to use some gift cards I’ve had for awhile (thanks Chris and Glo!). I was pretty excited to try Jamba’s new “Whole Food Nutrition” line of smoothies. Sadly they were out of the kale one so I went with the Carrot Orange Fushion (small). Fresh squeezed orange juice, whole carrots, bananas, mangos, chia seeds, soy milk, and nonfat Greek yogurt. It was very…light and fluffy. I don’t know if I would get it again but I appreciate the thought behind it.


After dropping Martin off for his flight home (he works for Alaska Airlines so he gets free flights anytime so that’s why the sudden and quick trip for just shopping), I had a long ass car ride back home. Over an hour to get there! In the car I rocked out to music and eventually ended up snacking on some spiced baked chickpeas.


Once I got home around 6:30pm I was starving. I ate about 1 oz of Alaskan smoked salmon (thanks Martin!), while I cooked up some kale to eat with my Thai leftovers. Devoured!


For dessert I ate some lemoncello almonds…then was off to the gym for a workout date with Nick! We did 30 minutes of boxing, abs, 30 minutes elliptical, followed by 10 minutes biking. Boy was I tried when I went to bed.

Phew! I can’t believe I caught up!!!!!!!


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