Man when I get behind, I get behind!

First off, I wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and thoughts my way. =) I really am doing okay. I think the turning point for me is acknowledging to myself I’m not okay so I can work on making myself okay. Such as getting out of conversations I’m uncomfortable such as talking about dieting, and really trying to focus on just getting through my school work so I can graduate.


Monday’s breakfast was a delicious yogurt bowl of texture. Starbucks Greek honey parfait with a ripe plum and dry almond butter. You know when all the dry parts are stuck to the bottom of the jar? That’s where I’m at right now and I refuse to waste any of it!


In class, I got hungry around 11 so I snacked on a baggie of dried apricots and raw almonds. This is one of my favorite combos right now.


Lunch was a spinach salad topped with: wild rice and quinoa, black beans, red onion, 1/4 of an avocado, black olives, and jalapeno salsa. Mm mm! I also finished off the very last Chobani Champion Tube! Goodbye Adult-Go-Gurt. It was also having a free coupon for you. ~.^


Directly after school I met up with my friend and fellow dinner club host, Amanda, so we could finish up the final session I need done for my Nutritional Counseling class. It ended well and around 4pm I rolled into Starbucks to pick up my tips.

Sadly they were not done! Luckily, I brought my books so I sat at the end of the counter and got my case study all revised. While I worked I drank a much needed pick-me-up of a double short ristretto Americano with one pump Flan and a splash of breve. For my after school snack I ate a banana with PB&Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams! MMm! So much better than the cookie I was eyeing.


Around 6:30pm I packed up my stuff and headed home for some dinner. I must say, doing my homework at Starbucks really helped me limit my snacking. Perhaps I will have to continue with that.

Dinner was the last small portion of whole wheat spaghetti and a huge mound of okra and onion basil marinara sauce.


It was pretty small, so afterwards I was still hungry. I made a small bowl of cottage cheese, no-sugar added applesauce, and cinnamon! I’ll always love this combo.


For dessert I had two pieces of dark chocolate. Man sea salt makes everything irresistible.

At 8:30pm I had a workout date with my friend Nick! We did a half hour of weights then headed up for a 60 minute bike, while we watched his friend Ken on Worst Cooks In America! Boy is this show STUPID. Luckily, this happened to be the episode that Ken got voted off so at least we have no reason to watch it anymore. ^_^ Phew.

By the time I got home from the gym it was 10:30pm and I was kaput.

One thought on “Focus

  1. It’s great you’re in flow now and just busting it out so you can graduate. It is such a great feeling to allow yourself what you need when you need it and not force things that don’t feel right to you, like nutrition. I think you’re doing a really admirable thing acknowledging that you are not okay in some ways and addressing that. Life’s far too short for that kind of upset. There’s no need to go on suffering through it 🙂

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