Portobello Baby

Morning everyone. =) I finally have a full day off from everything so let me get caught up here! I opened Saturday morning so I was up bright and early at 4am.

1-photo 1

By my first 10 minute break I was hungry and my boss had brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I normally don’t like chocolate in my cookies but I ate one with an iced Sumatra Blue Batalk Clover Brewed Coffee. Delicious. Man unsweetened coffee with a sweet treat is good.

2-photo 2

On my breakfast break I had a Starbucks Greek yogurt honey parfait with a cut up plum and a spoonful of Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams. Mm mmm. Drank water with it. Really think I did a decent job staying hydrated this week.

Have I told you I think I have a sinus infection? I’ve had it since New Year’s when I was super sick for 3 weeks, but I’ve been trying to annoy it. I’ve finally realized it’s kind of serious so I’ve been increasing my water and doing the whole Netty Pot thing through my nose. I am gonna give it a week…and then go to the doctor in case it is bacterial. =/ I hate spending all my money on medical bills though.

Work was draining. I realized why I hate being on bar (making the drinks) so much. It drains my soul due to the lack of human interaction!

3-photo 3

On my last break I snacked on brie cheese with apple slices and sipped an out of character tall iced 2 pump white chocolate mocha with nonfat milk.

4-photo 4

I was finally free from work at 1:30pm and sat down and ate my lunch of leftover taco salad from last night with fresh cilantro, kale, and jalapeno salsa. I also drank a Trenta orange refresher with black tea. All tasted so good.

I then headed to the gym!

5 minute run/30 min bike/40ish min of strength training

I remembered why I usually make Saturdays after work a rest day. MY FEET HURT. I had to stop mid run. =/ I hate being in pain. Still, was a good workout with my friend, Nick.


When I got home it was almost 4pm. I needed a post workout snack so I made a cup of Twinings lemon tea, ate a banana and peanut butter, ended up eating two baggies of lemoncello almonds. >.> These may have been a bad idea purchase!

I spent the rest of my recluse Saturday doing whatever I wanted. ^_^ I watched TV; I chatted on the internets; I browsed Facebook and Pinterest; I cross-stitched; I played fetch with Vinni; I spent time with Ophie; It was a good night.


I also cooked a really tasty dinner when I couldn’t stop snacking on those damn almonds! Whole wheat spaghetti, frozen okra and onions cooked in a basil tomato sauce, and (the best part) two oven roasted Portobello mushrooms! I’m so in love with these mushrooms. And, not surprisingly, I love them in their simplest form. I realized that I’m all about really simple cooking.

I also got to finish off the little bit of Apothic red wine I had with a square of dark chocolate for dessert.

Trying to stay up late, I ended up snacking later. >.< Those damn almonds! Eventually I stopped myself by having a plum but I definitely still ate too many of them. I need to finish dividing them up into baggies. I’d stopped trying to save bags but that was stupid.

I didn’t feel guilty though or beat myself up about it. Just acknowledged what I was doing and knew why I was doing it. I didn’t make myself sick. This is all progress in my opinion.

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