Don’t Think

Ug. I’m exhausted. Today was really hard emotionally. Too much time to sit around and think. Think about letting go of what I thought was my dreams. Accepting that I have some issues I need to work on. Trying to figure out how to tell people about those issues.

All the thinking was very emotional.


I was up around 7am. That’s sleeping in for me. Then I made a hot breakfast of Kodiak Cakes with maple syrup, almond butter, fresh plum, and dried cranberries.

Being productive, I got a lot of preparing done for my last counseling session tomorrow for my Nutritional Counseling class. I feel prepared and ready to finish this assignment.


Around noon I made a lunch of a two egg omelet filled with sautéed kale, onions, and fresh cilantro.  On the side, a multigrain English muffin with the last of the pumpkin butter and some almond butter.

Eventually, after feeling really emotionally down, I made myself shower so I could go to Target and the grocery store.


When I got back home around 3pm, I made a snack. Simply Salted popcorn and the last of the lavender liquor with limonata soda. I ended up eating the whole bag of popcorn.


And eventually three baggies of lemoncello almonds. It was one of those days.

Eventually I made myself get to the gym for a 60 minute bike. It was actually really nice since I got to watch some of the Oscars!! I’d thought about swimming instead…but I really wanted to not have to think, and I do the most thinking while swimming.


When I got home after 7pm, I made a small hot dinner of whole wheat spaghetti with a lot of okra filled marinara sauce. Yeah I used the old dieting trick of eating it with chopsticks. Like I said, it’s been a tough week.


To end my eating, I had a mug of Joy tea with two squares of dark chocolate.

I’m sorry if these posts are getting boring. =/ I really just…feel at a loss for words to share my inner workings right now. Just thinking is damn hard and brings tears to my eyes.

I’m sorry I’m a mess everyone. =( I was supposed to stop being a mess in 2014 but apparently I’ve got more to work on.

One thought on “Don’t Think

  1. Don’t trip we all have many things to work on!! That’s part of our ever changing selfs, you are doing great ❤

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