I feel pretty pleased with myself today. I took photos of absolutely everything I ate. Lately I’ve been letting nibbles here and there slide and it’s not helping me stay honest with myself.


This morning I had a breakfast of a Starbucks Greek yogurt with honey parfait, mixed with canned pumpkin, pumpkin spice, a spoonful of drippy almond butter, and dried cranberries.

Oh I did take an unpictured double short ghetto mocha with me to class! One photo I did forget I guess. >.<


After my Intro to Research and Methods class, where my group pretty much learned that our tiny sample of data had no statistical significance and that we cannot throw out the null hypothesis, I ate my snack of dried cinnamon apple chips and raw almonds. My stomach was getting a bit growly.


I was still oh so ready for lunch by noon. Tuna salad on a bed of kale, tossed with a lime vinaigrette, and a few pineapple chunks for a pop. It was super delicious. I’m glad I eat fish now. Makes life a little easier. 

I also knew I really needed a dessert today (Dessersday?) so I grabbed a carrot cake muffin that was to die for! So moist and delicious. Not overly sweet. Perfection really. =P Also ate my adult Go-Gurt. (Almost out of my free Chobani Champion Tubes :O What will I do then!?)

In my class after lunch, we watched a really great documentary called A Place At the Table. (click to watch trailer) It talks about hunger in America and was a really great watch. I may have cried in class. Give it a watch if you have time. It’s available for free on Amazon Prime Instant and Netflix Instant.


After sticking around school to finish my case study on end stage renal disease, I headed home around 3pm. I had some snacks while there. Started with a bowl of cottage cheese and apple sauce with cinnamon and ended with two packets of crackers with brie cheese. I got munchy. =/

It was nice to be able to take some me time this afternoon though. I watched a movie and cross-stitched until I met up with my friend, Nick, at 5:30pm for a 65 minute bike. It was nice to catch up with him and get a good sweat on too.


By 7pm I had dinner ready. Two egg omelet filled with the leftover tofu and mushroom potsticker filling and topped with sautéed peppers and onions. On the side, cantaloupe and a toasted multigrain muesli bread. It was all really delicious. Expect to see a lot of eggs in the coming days. =P I had a coupon!


For dessert I really tried to fight my urge to graze. One really really excellent square of dark chocolate plus a mug of Joy tea did the trick! (Yes I am sticking my tongue out in the reflection of the cup..)

Enjoying my evening but probably won’t stay up too late. Nick and I have a workout date at 8am! =D Night all!

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