Sushi Land

Hm so my Lightroom is just suddenly dead for now. Expect my photos to not look as good (ha!) as normal and I’ll fix it when I have time!


After a night of drinking, I know I want a hot breakfast to help myself feel better. So this time (since I magically didn’t work until 9am) I made sure to get up in time to make one! I made pumpkin Kodiak Cakes with almond butter, maple syrup, and dried cranberries. They completely sucked at staying together! Pumpkin just makes it all too moist. It hit the spot though.

photo 1-74

Once I got to work I made myself a Turkish coffee. Well sort of. It totally paled in comparison to the cup Ala’s mom made me but it was in the right realm. Basically it was two ristretto shots, a little bit of water, 1 raw sugar, and a bit of ground cardamom! No need for cream!

photo 2-73

On my 10 minute break around 11am I drank a Grande orange refresher with black tea and munched on some dried cinnamon apple chips with almonds.

photo 3

For lunch around 1pm I had amazing pinto bean Taco salad over a plethora of greens: lettuce and cabbage. To drink, a Grande passion tea lemonade with no sweetener.

photo 4

On my last break around 3pm, a Chobani Champion tube!

I forgot to mention but I did do a swim on Friday so for Saturday I let myself have the day off from working out.

photo 5 

Plus I had dinner plans with my new friend, Travis. We went for conveyor belt sushi and it was delicious! I have a new favorite spot: Sushi Land! It is the cheapest sushi I’ve ever seen, a lot of variety, and so tasty! I will totally be back.

I had sushi such as: sweet potato rolls, fish cakes, tamago (egg), natto (fermented soy beans), and even a roll that may have had some eel in it! I was feeling adventurous. Plus a plethora of green tea. ❤


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