Raspberry Lemon Goodness

And now we are finally on the correct day! =D Okay I may have stopped working on my big end stage renal disease case study to do this…but ya gotta have priorities right?!

This morning I was very excited to try the new Starbucks Greek yogurt raspberry lemon parfait, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough by itself so I had somewhat of a hodge podge of things. Hard boiled egg, banana and peanut butter, and finished off the Evolution Pineapple Coconut Water.

First off: wow. This parfait is amazing. Tart raspberry plus creamy lemon = perfection. It is a little higher in calories than the other two parfaits though by about 100 kcals. Totally worth it in my opinion.


My lunch was also Starbucks based. You all know how I love the hearty veggie and brown rice salad bowl! I use only half the dressing though since I hate over dressed salads. Also ate another Chobani Champion tube. ❤ Everyone at my lunch table has started to call these “adult” Go-Gurt’s.

1-photo 4 (2)

My lunch was eaten quickly though because I had to get to the library to get work done on my big MNT case study on renal disease! While I worked on designing a meal plan I munched on dark chocolate with almonds and pumpkin spice.

2-photo 5 (2)

By 3pm, I headed down to work to pick up tips and grab a pick me up. I felt so drained! I had my Turkish coffee and bought a banana to go with the Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter I’m keeping in my locker. ^_^ Brilliant I know.

Then I was off to the gym for a sweaty 60 minute bike while I read my statistics book. I’m not gonna lie. The stats was going straight over my head so it was not a great workout. By the end I felt so tired not just physically but mentally as well.


When I got home I had to shove a packet of crackers and some cheese into my mouth. I would have just made dinner but Chase was stopping by to spend time with the kittens at 7pm, so I figured I’d make him dinner.


It was kind of fun having someone to prepare a meal for. =) He helped me hand make all the rest of those tofu and mushroom potstickers and to go along with that we finished off the sunomono and I stir-fried some red bell pepper, onion, and zucchini. Overall it was a delicious meal and fun to pick potstickers out of the giant communal bowl between us. ^^ We felt very Chinese. (No the fork in the picture was NOT used! Chopsticks for sure!!)

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there with me everyone. I’m really figuring a lot about myself out and it’s very nice to be able to share that with someone. For those of you wondering, my parents are being very supportive of my (yet again) life changes and I think things will work out in the end.

Night all!

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