More Sushi Plz

Slowly chugging along to get caught up! Let’s see where were we…Sunday!

photo 1

Sunday I opened with my favorite shift leader, Aireen. ❤ She always gives you breaks on time and is super efficient. We were both dead tired though. I only got four hours of sleep. Why? Because I simply could not fall asleep. =( I’ve never had sleep problems before, but all of a sudden it’s taking me over an hour to drift off.

Coffee was definitely needed. I believe I had my Turkish coffee and a baggie of dried apricots and raw almonds. My tummy was surprisingly hungry after all that sushi the night before!

photo 2

A few hours later for breakfast I had a Greek yogurt berry parfait with dried cranberries and almonds along with an iced coffee. I now have my own locker at work so I can keep a plastic bowl there to make my breakfasts look a little more decent. ^.~

photo 3 (1)

I knew my day was going to be long since we were a man down. I was asked to stay until 2pm! Luckily, I’d packed a lunch of more pinto bean taco salad with greens. I devoured this happily because I was so darn hungry along with an orange refresher with black tea around 1pm.


Bone tired, I skipped the gym (again!) and headed home to work on projects. Eventually, it was sushi party time at my friends’ Adira & Hugh’s house. I’m the token Asian, so even though I was so exhausted, I had to be there to make the sushi rice! We used my grandma’s old tried and true recipe and everything turned out amazing.

Hugh made the rolls filled with smoked Alaskan salmon (Martin flew in to spend the weekend here from Alaska and brought the delicious fish) and egg. When I texted my dad a picture of the food and told him a scrawny white guy made the rolls his reply was “Still look good to me!” Hehe I love my dad.

photo 4 (1)

Everything was delicious. A little bit of my dad’s homemade umeshu, inarizushi (made by me), salmon egg roll, sunomono (me again), and pickled ginger. I had one happy sushi filled belly by the end!


Plus, I made new friends! Honestly, I was thinking about this just the other night, I think I have more friends right now than I’ve ever had in my life. O.O I know it’s not numbers that count buy quality, but it sure is damn nice getting to know so many kind people. =)

Here’s my new friend Martin, feeding me sushi.


And all of the “minorities”, Martin, me, Darren, trying out “duck face”.

It was a fun night but I kept it smart and left by 8:30pm to get more rest.

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