Geez it’s been so long it took me a little bit to figure out where I left off. Looks like Friday was my big melt down. Ug. And now my Lightroom isn’t even wanting to cooperate so I can show you guys the photos…Is this a sign? ./sigh


So like I said, Friday started off with me just feeling bad about myself. Just one of those days where you wake up and feel flabby and worthless.


Even though I knew I might be getting breakfast with my friends (we were carpooling to a field trip for my supplements class) I started my day off with a green smoothie. This was around 5:30am. 


By 7:30am we got breakfast and honestly I shouldn’t have gotten what I got but it was the “fun” of doing it. I got a 12 oz almond 1% latte (which we all know I only drank pretty much 8 oz of….I always think I can drink more but I can’t) and a goat cheese and tomato croissant. Even after a bite of it I didn’t really care for it. Not enough tomato too much cheese. But it was so expensive I ate all of it anyway even though 1. it wasn’t good 2. it made me feel so very disgusting and 3. I wasn’t even hungry!


During the hour and a half drive to Gig Harbor, WA I tried to ignore my self-hatred and worked on my cross-stitch. I’m totally gonna have The Twelve Days of Xmas done before next December.

photo 1-71

This field trip was to tour the supplements company, Metagenics!

photo 1-73

We had to suit up and everything.

photo 2-70

Desiree and I sneaking a photo inside. >.> She may have gotten yelled at for being too Asian and snapping photos.

So how was it? Honestly, it just was another reminder to me of what I DO NOT want to do in the nutrition field. BLEH.

photo 2-72

After the tour around noon, a bunch of us headed to grab lunch at Puerto Vallarta. It really wasn’t what I wanted, but you gotta go with the flow sometimes. I snacked on some really good chips and salsa before I got my giant taco salad with pinto beans. I ate maybe 1/3 and took the rest home for other meals. It was good, but didn’t help me feel better about me.

photo 1-72

After another 1.5 hour drive back to Ala’s house, her mother surprised us with afternoon “tea”. Ala’s family is from Jordan so her Mother loved to show us their culture. We had homemade pastries with spinach and feta which were delicious.

photo 2-71

Plus the best coffee I have ever had. The grinds are mixed with cardamom and it’s drunk black with some sugar. It was to die for!

Then you all know how the rest of my Friday went.

I ended up letting myself have the following for dinner:

1 banana and peanut butter

2 ants on a log

Later I went to a party and drank wine, snacked on jelly beans, and eventually around 2am someone made me a big plate of cooked vegetables to help my stomach.  ❤ They take care of me well.

Hopefully I’ll be back with more catch-up posts. I need to try and fix this program so it’ll import my photos. =(


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