Cheese & Wine Party


Wow..I just sat down to finally write this post…and I can’t remember yesterday. I mean, clearly, I can see the food..but I can’t remember much else. =( Feelings, thoughts, ect…

So…guess you guys just get food.

Breakfast was Weetabix, fresh strawberries, dried cranberries, and almonds.


It didn’t quiet fill me up though so I also had a banana and peanut butter.

Oh my gosh! I just remembered why I was sooo hungry!! I woke up before 6am to do a 60 minute lap swim and it felt glorious!!! I didn’t feel sick at all (though my voice sounds crappy).

photo 1 (1)-7

During my one class for the day (MNT) I was suddenly ravenous at 11am. So I ran up to the cafeteria and ate half my lunch in class.  w It was delicious. Pumpkin Falafel plus salad and tzatziki sauce in pita bread. I finished it off during lunch. Perfection.

Oddly enough though, right after eating, I got a extremely bad headache. Seriously, I even ended up taking pills for it, which I hate to do, later at work.

photo 2 (1)-6

Work was a bit rough on me since I was determined to save myself for my party at  8pm. On my break I sipped a short soy green tea latte (no classic) and munched on some pepitas.

photo 1-70 

Once I finally got to my friends’ Hugh and Adaira’s house, I was ravenous. I quickly tore open the bag of veggies I brought and munched on down.

photo 2-69

Later I was more in control to partake in our mini cheese & wine party. ^_^ That’s where we sit around watching Community, drinking Apothic red wine (I kept to one glass), and eat a plethora of different cheeses with water crackers and fruit spreads. It was absolutely delicious but I am cheesed out now. I gave Adaira the rest of my cheese and vowed to start eating cleaner.

Haha see, I do remember things. ^_^

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